Lakeview Valley How to Find Purchased Items (Price & Locations)

Lakeview Valley game guide focuses on where to find all purchased items (dinner, lakemart, morgo, Amy’s booth). This is a work in progress. The guide is incomplete. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Lakeview Valley

Murder RPG set in the shady town of Lakeview Valley. See how you’ll do as a new home owner in the Valley, where everyone seems to have a secret. Become the toast of the town or succumb to your dark desires. The choice is yours. But however you choose to play, beware… There is something evil lurking beneath the surface…


  • A murder mystery waiting to be solved. A dead girl is lying in the street with a confusing history. It’s up to you to solve (or ignore) the main story.
  • Something is lurking in the dark! Nights can be dangerous in the Valley. Defend yourself against horrifying enemies.
  • Multiple endings. Your moral choices will change how the story progresses.
  • Re-playable. The game takes over one week which can be wildly different according to the way you play. Try different play styles!
  • Plenty of items, tools and upgrades to help you progress, or to cause mayhem.
  • Over twenty NPCs with schedules for day and night, each with unique backstory. Rise in popularity to dive deeper into their lives.
  • Crime scene system. Sheriff will investigate every night for any mischief. If you’re responsible, make sure not to leave any evidence!
  • Customisable character. Be who you want!
  • Home renovation. Upgrade your surroundings to impress your neighbours. Or to gain a strategic edge…
  • Spiritual successor to the Lakeview Cabin series.

Purchased Items

These are items that have to be purchased from a shop.


The Diner is at the North side of the lake. They sell food. Sometimes your character will be hungry. This is one place to get food.

Hot Dog – $5. Buy it and eat it to reduce hunger.

Cookies – $5. Buy it and eat it to reduce hunger.


Lakemart is in town next to the doctors office.

Bleach – $10. The Blorox Bleach is used to remove blood stains. Walk up to some blood on the ground, equip the bleach bottle and “attack”. All blood stains within a small radius will be cleaned up. You get 10 uses per bottle.

Energy Drink – $4. Makes you run much faster for the day.

Dog Bone – $20. Makes Donna and Matt’s dog follow you if you throw the bone at it.

Cat Food – $20. Used to make the cat follow you.

Med Kit – $20. Heals wounds, stops bleeding, removes poison.

George – Fishing Supplies

Fishing Rod – $50

Diving Helmet – $100


Kill a couple of towns people and a purple hat will appear in the wooded area to the North of your house. You will need to chainsaw the red plants blocking it. Once you use the hat it will turn into a circus tent and you can buy things from Morgo.

Throwing Knife – $10. It’s a knife you can throw. Use the attack key and it will fly in a straight line. Can be picked up after. Moro has 3 of them.

Poison Syringe – $500. Insta-kills the target. Does not work on the Sheriff.

Bolas – $100. Throw the bolas at someone and it will keep them from running away. It is a crime and they will scream and shout.

Feather of Love – $500. Thrown. Makes whoever it hits follow you around for a short time.

Muffling Sack – $10. Makes it so the target can’t yell out.

Sheriffs Badge – $300. Decreases popularity if you use it on someone. Does nothing if used on the sheriff.

Amy’s Booth

On Sunday Amy has a booth near the stage. She sells dream catchers

Red Dream Catcher – $1000

Blue Dream Catcher – $500

Green Dream Catcher – $100

This is the ending of Lakeview Valley How to Find Purchased Items guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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