KurtzPel How to Get Affinity

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How to Get Affinity

All based on how you go about clicking their dialogue.

Gaining new information from each encounter will yield more points.

Try picking all the same options, “Mission–>Mission” for example to try and nail that line of dialogue and once you’ve done that, try different combinations as they can also lead to different dialogue.

If you always pick the first Dialogues who came up at the Top chose them, also from time to time they want to talk with you if your Friends with them, then you get 60 Affinity.

Mostly if you always pick the first choice you get 60-70 Affinity.

Where to see Affinity Information?

In this guide, we will use Marian Vendor as an example: everyone’s favorite well-endowed Fox Witch.

To find affinity info, simply open the Game Menu, click “Player Info”, then “Affinity Info”.

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