KUNAI All Achievements Guide & Walkthrough

Kunai game guide focuses on how to fight all boss and get all achievement/ trophy walkthrough . The guide will give you walkthrough, basic tips, and tricks on how to get all Achievement/ Trophy in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot game. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

  • First Blood Achievement

Kill 1 enemy.

  • This Is Sparta! Achievement

Kill 300 enemies.

  • Took The Trash Out Achievement

Defeat The Trasher. (Secret)


This achievement is unlocked after defeating the boss named The Garbage Collecto. The Garbage Collector boss can be found in the area called the Haunted Factory.

When The Garbage Collector dives Kunai to the side it is moving towards then jump and strike it while its garbage shield is down. Once you’ve hit it its shield will form a platform for you to kunai onto. Jump onto this platform and use it to jump and hit the boss. Repeat this process a few times until the boss is defeated. You will earn The Garbage Collector H.A.T. for your troubles.

  • The Guardian Achievement

Defeat The Guardian. (Secret)


Phase 1

First, you need to shoot the switches on the bottom right and left corners of the room so the blocks disappear allowing you to kunai up to the switches above. Once both sides are switched on electricity will flow into the ball, damaging it. Repeat three times to have the ball fall through the floor.

Phase 1

Second, The Guardian takes on its true form. When The Guardian regains its composure and flies upward, continue to strike at it so that you go up with it. When it grapple hooks onto another platform, throw a Shuriken downwards at it so that it falls to the middle platform again. Deal damage and repeat this process until it dies.

  • Deprecated Achievement

Defeat The Deprecator. (Secret)

Walkthrough to Aviod The Deprecator’s attacks

Charge Attack: It will crouch and build up power before it quickly dashes toward you. To avoid this, you can either simply jump over it, but you’ll need to be mindful of it returning back to the right side of the screen. Another way of dodging this attack is to grapple onto the ceiling, but you’ll need to make sure that you are close to the ceiling.

Barrage of Bullets: The Deprecator will send a barrage of bullets at you. This is borderline impossible to dodge, but you don’t have to; simply face The Deprecator and wildly slash away with your Katana, hitting the bullets back at it.

Missiles: When The Deprecator shoots missiles at you, this is your opportunity. Concentrate on hitting the missiles back at it with your katana, making it stop dead in its tracks and opening up. You can hit more missiles back at it if it has already shot some after being hit and you can run up to it and slice away to whittle down its health.

  • Dangerous Experiments Achievement

Defeat Furious Ferro. (Secret)


  1. Reach the SMGs. Only your SMGs will work on Furious Ferro. Then head back into the room on the right. There will be Furious Ferro.
  2. First move will come from as a clockwise direction,
  3. Shoot at it only when you have a clear shot and jump over and shoot downwards at it when it’s coming towards you.
  4. When you damage the boss it will go onto the ceiling
  5. His second move will be with point small blobs. They will rain down on you.
  6. Avoid these as best you can and wipe them out with your Katana.
  7. When the boss starts moving again and each time is starts to do this, it will rotate in the opposite direction and alternate.
  • Zensei Achievement

Defeat Zensei. (Secret)


  • Lemonkus Achievement

Defeat Lemonkus. (Secret)


  • What Doesn’t Float…Achievement

Survive the airship attack. (Secret)

  • WHOOP WHOOP Achievement

Survive the police chase. (Secret)

  • My Heart Will Go On Achievement

Capture SSD Floatanics Core. (Secret)

  • Puzzle Complete Achievement

Collect 4 heart pieces.

  • I Am Complete Achievement

Find all heart pieces.

  • Treasure Hunter Achievement

Find 5 treasure chests.

  • Treasure Master Achievement

Find 20 treasure chests.

  • Explorer Achievement

Explore 200 rooms.

  • So Cool Achievement

Join the cool club.

  • Charger Achievement

Kill an enemy with a charged katana.

  • Stunner Achievement

Kill a stunned enemy.

  • Installing… Achievement

Buy an upgrade from the tabb store.

  • Big Spender Achievement

Buy all upgrades.

This is the ending of Kunai  Achievement Guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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