Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders Tips and Tricks

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders game guide focuses on Tips and Tricks. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

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(Gerald) 14000 Bonus Exp

During Gerald’s 5th mission at Woodenshade, you’ll have the opportunity to earn 7000) bonus EXP for Gerald’s campaign. It is extremely straightforward to do and offers a massive boon in Gerald’s campaign.

This guide contains minor spoilers

To earn the bonus experience, you must have completed Gerald’s campaign up to his 5th mission, the battle of Woodenshade.

The mission begins with Gerald and General Hugh engaging Regnier and his forces while the archers and the King retreat to the south past the forest.

Once the King and archers have retreated to their designated point, Gerald and Hugh will follow suit. You’ll then have your archers set the forest ablaze and watch as the orcs turn to crispy bacon.

However, Regnier will pass through the fire and continue on unscathed with his remaining troops. Gerald and Hugh will engage Regnier until Hugh commands Gerald to escape with the king. Instead of running away, this is what you must do to earn the bonus EXP.

  1. Have Gerald continue to fight Regnier alongside Hugh, no matter how much he tells you to run away. Keep cutting down those LV 50 Orcs, stay away from Regnier.
  2. Have your archers begin firing on the battle and casting curatio here and there to keep your unit strength up.

Hugh won’t die as he’s programmed to hold off Regnier’s force and Regnier’s unit will slowly lose health. Once Regnier’s unit is destroyed, Hugh will simply stand in place baffled that you A. kill a level 50 and B. Disobeyed his orders *again*. He dies of shock after the mission ends. Good job “General Gerald.”

When you finish the mission and the experience/gold screen is shown, you’ll reeive 14,000 EXP (7000 for your archers and 7000 for Gerald).

Bonus Tip

As a bonus tip, use gerald to fight regniers troop (when hugh is saying to retreat) and get one of the mobs by itself and kill it. Then retreat. Let the archers kill one mob (they dont have to kill the whole group – and as that would take like 10 minutes anyway this will save time).

By killing one of reginers mobs each, both groups will get 7000exp (as that is the cap) and you’ll get 14,000 exp from this one mission.

This is the ending of Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders Tips and Tricks guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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