Kingdom Two Crowns The Catapult Station

The Catapult Station
Sells: Catapults (6 Coins)
Sells: Fire Barrels (5 Coins)

The catapult station for a given direction spawns when there is sufficient room behind a stone-age wall defending that direction. The catapult station allows you to purchase a single catapult to defend that direction of your kingdom, which must be built, pushed to your outer wall, and manned by up to (3?) workers. The catapult will automatically be wound back by the workers to prepare another shot after every time it is fired, and is wound back faster the more workers are manning the catapult.

When fired, the catapult launches a boulder over the wall and at the attacking enemies, barreling through any enemies it touches and killing normal enemies instantly (unconfirmed how much damage is dealt to crownstealers). Both the vertical and horizontal range of the catapult are nothing spectacular, so the boulders will usually miss floaters, and can only hit greed fairly close to the wall. Boulders will take out the majority of a floater’s health, and will deal decent damage to any breeder they hit, but will also break on impact against breeders. Boulders fired recently will remain on the ground for (30 seconds?), during which a breeder may pick up the rock and hurl it back at you and your troops. If a catapult is already constructed to defend a direction, the catapult station can be used to purchase fire barrels.

When a fire barrel is purchased, an available worker will roll it from the catapult station all the way to the catapult. There is no limit to the amount of fire barrels that can be purchased from a catapult station, and thus there is no limit to the amount of fire barrels a catapult can have ready to fire at any given time. If there is at least one fire barrel available, the workers manning the catapult will load a fire barrel onto the catapult and launch it the next time it fires.

When a launched fire barrel hits the ground, it will burst into a fire trap, igniting all enemies that pass through it. The fire trap left by fire barrels is both bigger and longer lasting than the ones spawned by the lizard mount. (unconfirmed) Ignited enemies will stay ignited permanently, and will regularly take (1/2 ?) arrow’s worth of burn damage (every half second?) until they die. If the wall the catapult is defending falls, your workers manning the catapult will attempt to retreat, leaving the catapult and any fire barrels behind to be destroyed by the greed.

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