Kingdom Two Crowns Shops and NPCs


Vagrants (AKA Beggars) are NPCs who spawn at vagrant camps, and are the only way to populate your kingdom. They will wander around aimlessly within a certain vicinity of a vagrant camp, and are completely ignored by greed. When paid a coin, they will be hired to work for your kingdom, and thus will turn into a peasant.

The Banker
The banker is a moneymaking NPC who spawns automatically once you have the “church” built from upgrading to a tier 4 kingdom. He goes inside during the night, making him and all your money that he holds completely safe from greed. During the day you can give him coins, which he will collect and store in the bank. He can only carry 10 coins at a time, while the bank can hold an infinite amount of coins. For each day that passes, the amount of coins in the bank increases by 7% (it can never exceed 8 coins per day, so at 101 coins your interest stops growing). The interest is rounded up, so you will get at least 1 coin per day, as long as you have invested at least 3 coins. Because of this, it is a great idea in the long run to store coins with the banker. During the day, if you have more than two coins in the bank, you can withdraw your stored coins by walking by the banker. The amount you can withdraw at a time is either 33.3% (1/3) of your stored coins, or the amount needed to completely fill your coin pouch, whichever is lower. He never gives you more than your bag can hold, but tends to disregard gems, so he might give you too many coins if you are carrying some gems.

The Merchant
On your first day, the merchant will enter your kingdom and stand next to the fire, with bags on his donkey. The next morning, he will drop 8 coins for you if you walk by, which will remove the bags from his donkey. He will then wait for you to pay him 1 coin, and if you oblige before night falls, he will travel out into the forest to the merchant’s hut. When he gets there, he will take a few seconds to equip his donkey with some new bags before he heads back to your kingdom. This process cannot be repeated once you destroy the merchant’s hut (by removing the trees around it), and he will disappear shortly after. The merchant is only available on islands 1 and 2, and cannot be killed by greed.

The Ghost
The ghost is a simple NPC that appears at the beginning of each island, representing a fallen monarch who came before you. They will try to lead you in the direction of the kingdom, and will disappear once they make it there with you.

A hermit will spawn from their respective hermit shack, and can be carried with you for 1 coin. While carrying a hermit, they will enable you to upgrade a specific type and level of building into a new building with a totally different purpose. After buying a hermit’s upgrade, traveling past your outermost walls at night, carrying them for a full day, or switching mounts, you will drop the hermit and need to pay another coin to pick them up again. You can also force a hermit off of your mount by rapidly switching between walking left and right. Each of the hermits can be brought with you through a teleporter if they are on your mount, and all currently alive hermits will be brought with you automatically on the boat when you leave an island. All of the hermits will try to stay behind your walls like other NPCs, but unlike other NPCs, they are unable to run. As of v1.0.1, hermits no longer wander outside of your walls during the night time, so it is now much safer to leave hermits alone once they are safe inside your walls. When attacked, they will be picked up and carried away by greed like a tool or coin. Once kidnapped, that hermit will be unobtainable until you either destroy the cliff portal on the island where the hermit was kidnapped and escape safely, or repurchase the hermit after getting a game over.


The Bow Shop
Sells: Bows (2 Coins)
The bow shop spawns to the right of the fire once it has been lit. This shop allows you to purchase up to 4 bows, which your peasants can pick up to become archers.

The Hammer Shop
Sells: Hammers (3 Coins)
The hammer shop spawns to the left of the fire once it has been lit. This shop allows you to purchase up to 4 hammers, which your peasants can pick up to become workers.

The Scythe Shop
Sells: Scythes (4 Coins)
The scythe shop spawns once you have built 2 stone-age walls defending the same direction. This shop allows you to purchase up to 4 scythes, which your peasants can pick up to become farmers.

The Spear Shop (Default Biome)
Sells: Spears (2 Coins)
The spear shop spawns once you have built 2 stone-age walls defending both directions (4 walls total). This shop allows you to purchase up to 4 spears, which your peasants can pick up to become pikemen.

The Dojo (Shogun Biome)
Sells: Katanas (4 Coins)
The dojo spawns once you have built 2 stone-age walls defending both directions (4 walls total), and replaces the spear shop in the shogun biome. This shop allows you to purchase up to 4 katanas, which your peasants can pick up to become ninjas.

The Catapult Station
Sells: Catapults (6 Coins)
Sells: Fire Barrels (5 Coins)
The catapult station for a given direction spawns when there is sufficient room behind a stone-age wall defending that direction. The catapult station allows you to purchase a single catapult to defend that direction of your kingdom, which must be built, pushed to your outer wall, and manned by up to (3?) workers. The catapult will automatically be wound back by the workers to prepare another shot after every time it is fired, and is wound back faster the more workers are manning the catapult. When fired, the catapult launches a boulder over the wall and at the attacking enemies, barreling through any enemies it touches and killing normal enemies instantly (unconfirmed how much damage is dealt to crownstealers). Both the vertical and horizontal range of the catapult are nothing spectacular, so the boulders will usually miss floaters, and can only hit greed fairly close to the wall. Boulders will take out the majority of a floater’s health, and will deal decent damage to any breeder they hit, but will also break on impact against breeders. Boulders fired recently will remain on the ground for (30 seconds?), during which a breeder may pick up the rock and hurl it back at you and your troops. If a catapult is already constructed to defend a direction, the catapult station can be used to purchase fire barrels. When a fire barrel is purchased, an available worker will roll it from the catapult station all the way to the catapult. There is no limit to the amount of fire barrels that can be purchased from a catapult station, and thus there is no limit to the amount of fire barrels a catapult can have ready to fire at any given time. If there is at least one fire barrel available, the workers manning the catapult will load a fire barrel onto the catapult and launch it the next time it fires. When a launched fire barrel hits the ground, it will burst into a fire trap, igniting all enemies that pass through it. The fire trap left by fire barrels is both bigger and longer lasting than the ones spawned by the lizard mount. (unconfirmed) Ignited enemies will stay ignited permanently, and will regularly take (1/2 ?) arrow’s worth of burn damage (every half second?) until they die. If the wall the catapult is defending falls, your workers manning the catapult will attempt to retreat, leaving the catapult and any fire barrels behind to be destroyed by the greed.

The Forge
Sells: Swords (12 Coins)
Sells: Bomb (18 Coins)
The forge spawns once you have built enough iron-age walls in any direction. The forge allows you to buy up to 4 swords, which your squires can pick up to become to knights. You can also buy a bomb, which can be used to destroy the cliff portal.

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