Kingdom Two Crowns Peasants and Archers

Tool: None
Job: None
Coin Capacity: 2 Coins

When a vagrant is given a coin, they will become a peasant, and head to the center of your kingdom where they will await a job. Peasants are the denizens of your kingdom that do not currently have a job. When there are available tools, peasants will run over and pick them up to do the job associated with the tool. During the day, the peasants will wander near the shops awaiting a job. At night, the peasants will run back to the center of your kingdom and wait until morning. If chased by a greed, they run. If they get hit once, they drop their coin and become a vagrant.

Tool: Bow
Job: Hunt & Defend
Coin Capacity: 11 Coins

During the day, archers will wander between the outer walls and the forest, hunting rabbits and deer. At night, they run back and hide behind the outer walls to defend your kingdom. They will run away from greed, but will occasionally stop to shoot at them, and when hit, they will drop their bow and become a peasant. Archers have a (1/3?) chance of hitting their target.

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