Kingdom Two Crowns Animals


Rabbits periodically spawn from patches of tall grass. Tall grass can spawn at any time, as long as the area they spawn in is grassy, devoid of buildings and crop fields, and is beyond your furthest walls. Because of the decaying grass, neither tall grass nor rabbits can spawn during winter. After spawning, each rabbit will wander around aimlessly, and will drop 1 coin if killed by an archer.

Deer will periodically spawn in the forest. Each deer takes 2 hits from an archer to kill, and will drop 3 coins when killed. They will run away from the player and archers in fear of getting harmed, but by sprinting past them, you are able to slowly herd deer back to your kingdom for your archers to kill. This is the only animal that can be hunted by archers in towers, and at night. When it is winter, deer will stop spawning.

Fish swim in the river occupying the foreground, occasionally jumping out of the water. They will be hunted randomly by your pikemen during the daytime, and drop 1 coin when caught. Fish are the only animal that can be hunted for coins during the winter.

Dogs can be found after breaking a fallen tree. It will follow the monarch that freed it around, keeping them company, and will occasionally bark in the direction of incoming enemies. It also runs away from greed, because when attacked, it will be picked up and carried away, so be cautious if you want to keep your dog alive. If you use a teleporter, the dog will not come with you, and instead will have to run across the island to reach you. Once kidnapped, the dog will be unobtainable until you either destroy the cliff portal on the island where it was kidnapped and escape alive, or free the dog again after getting a game over.

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