Kindergarten 2 Outfits Locations (Fashionista Achievement Guide)

Kindergarten 2  game guide focuses on all Outfits locations to collect all of the Outfits.  This guide will give walkthrough for all locations of outfits to collect all outfits easily. The guide will give you basic tips and tricks on how to collect all of the outfits. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

There are a total of 30 outfits to collect. Here are all locations

Outfits Locations

  • Default Outfit (1): You start the game with this outfit.
  • Nugget Outfit (2): In the If You Can Dodge a Nugget mission avoid giving Nugget the Nuggets at Lunch. Instead get the Hall Pass from Agnes at Recess and use it to go into the Cafeteria. Bury Nugget’s corpse in Nuggets.
  • Cindy Outfit (3): During The Hitman’s Potty Guard mission interact with Cindy’s body after she is electrocuted in the Science Lab.
  • Teddy Outfit (4): Dump the spiders on Teddy at the end of the Cain’s Not Able mission.
  • Carla & Buggs Outfits (Outfits #5 & #13): During the Opposites Attract mission let Penny leave Science Class to protect her locker. Follow behind and inspect the bodies of Buggs and Carla.
  • Chemist Outfit (6): Mix the wrong chemicals together at the end of Breaking Sad. Use something like green.
  • Felix Outfit (7): Dump the spiders on Felix at the end of the Cain’s Not Able mission after telling Teddy about the Contract.
  • Ozzy Outfit (8): Give Ozzy an asthma attack in The Hitman’s Potty Guard. AKA beat the mission.
  • Penny Outfit (9): During the mission Opposites Attract get Buggs Knife back for him from Penny.
  • Lily No Hoodie Outfit (10): Get killed by the monster eating Lily during Recess in the Breaking Sad mission.
  • Billy No Hoodie Outfit (11): Inspect Billy’s body at Recess during the Breaking Sad mission.
  • Jerome Outfit (12): Side with Clara over the basketball in Gym Class then follow Ms. Applegate and Jerome to her classroom. Inspect Jerome’s body.
  • Lilly & Billy w Hoodie Outfit (14&15): Squeak the Monstermon plushie in the Sewer Grate area on Billy’s box. This occurs during story mode.
  • Ms. Applegate Outfit (16): Go into the Girls Washroom while on Recess during the Creature Feature mission and inspect Ms. Applegate’s body.
  • Dr. Danner Outfit (17): Inspect Dr. Danner’s body after he’s been blown up in Creature Feature.
  • Old Janitor Outfit (18): Start a day with An A+ and Pennyl Laser Beam. Advance to smart class and give the laser beam to Monty. Advance to lunch and watch the show. Inspect the old janitor’s body.
  • Bob Outfit (19): During the A Tale of Two Janitors mission inspect Bob’s body at lunchtime.
  • Principal Outfit (20): Inspect the box to the right of the plant in the Principal’s Office.
  • Agnes Outfit (21): Agnes (the dumpster hag) will give you cats in exchange for food. Find an owner for one of these cats to unlock this outfit.
  • Lunch Lady Outfit (22): Start a run and use Monty to access the Handicap Ramp. Enter the school and choose death from the Lunch Lady.
  • Hall Monitor (23): Go into the school early and get a hall pass early. Can be done during the Flowers for Diana mission.
  • Stevie Outfit (24): After the old janitor beats Stevie to a pulp in the A Tale of Two Janitors mission inspect his body.
  • Mutant Outfit (25): During the boss fight in the Secret Lab, inspect the holding tank the mutants where in to get this outfit.
  • Out of Town Outfits (Outfits #26-27-28): Defeat the monsters in the Secret Lab during the Creature Feature mission.
  • Uncle Sam Outfit (29): Inspect the calendar in the Principal’s Office.
  • Cultist Outfit (30): Collect all 50 Monstermon cards and visit the Nugget Lair in Your Room.

This is the ending of Kindergarten 2 Outfits guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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