KillStreak.tv1 Guide

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KillStreak.tv1 Guide

Game Controls:

  • MOVE :: [WASD] or [Arrow] Keys
  • SPRINT :: Hold [Shift] Key
  • AIM + ATTACK :: Mouse + Left Click
  • ZOOM :: Mouse Right Click or [SPACE] Key
  • RELOAD :: [R] Key
  • EQUIP :: [E] Key
  • DROP :: [G] Key

+ / – Gun Stats (higher = better):

  • Damage = total bullet damage
  • Rate of Fire = total fire rate
  • Penetration = damage % through shields
  • Bullet Speed = total speed of bullets
  • Damage Range = how far damage is retained / damage drop off over distance
  • Aim Zoom = how much the camera angles down for total view distance
  • Aim Accuracy = size of aim cone / how accurate bullets fire
  • Aim Recovery = how fast accuracy cone tightens after movement
  • Mobile Accuracy = how accurate bullets fire while moving / affects move speed while aiming down sight
  • Clip Size = number of bullets per clip
  • Reload Speed = how fast gun reloads
  • Ammo Capacity = total max ammo carried
  • Ammo Scavenge = bonus ammo collected from dropped guns

DLC Content [ VIP Bundle ]:

  • 32 Custom Gun Skins; 4 exclusive skins across 8 guns (including new Spas / M16)
    • Available instantly for all currently owned / unlocked guns
  • Alvin the Alien Head; A new exclusive Alien head with unlockable skins and mods
    • Available instantly to wear, level up to unlock the additional skins and mods
  • Werewolf Hat; A new exclusive Werewolf hat with unlockable skins and mods
    • Available instantly to wear, level up to unlock the additional skins and mods
  • XP Booster; Ongoing booster to all XP gains for equipped items
    • Provides a permanent XP boost and faster item leveling
  • Kill Coin Booster; Ongoing booster to all Kill Coins earnt per kill
    • Provides a permanent Kill Coin boost and faster coin earning
  • Early Access Weapons; Ongoing access to new weapons a few weeks early

First Additions; Spas + M16 are auto-unlocked – future guns require kill coins to unlock. Provides permanent early access to new weapons – try out new weapons and progress item leveling a couple of weeks before other players

  • 2500 Kill Coins; Starter pack of kill coins to buy new or rank up items

A one-off early-bird bundle of kill coins to get started

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