Killsquad How is the loot?

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This is not the future you dreamt of. The Galaxy is in chaos, planets go rogue, and mega-corporations assemble Killsquads to raid whatever riches and bounty are left. Welcome to Killsquad: a hardcore action RPG done by hardcore RPG fans. A game that blends the best of the genre and presents a new universe for you to discover. Set up your team, choose your heroes, weapons and gear, and unleash hell on a fast-paced battle through hordes of monsters and deadly bosses.

Killsquad does a surprisingly good job mixing its many looting, shooting, action-RPG inspirations together. Killsquad looks and loots like the lovechild of Diablo and Destiny and plays like a co-op MOBA.

Killsquad looks like an RPG but plays like an action game. This creates a unique gameplay style you can enjoy with a keyboard or gamepad. Our focus is on short, adrenaline pumping missions you can enjoy solo or 4 player coop.

How is the loot?

This isn’t a game that is really even close to Diablo/PoE/Grim dawn etc.. It has a very, very lite loot and progression system, progression is based on a “power level” a la destiny, the gameplay is more like a brawler/twinstick shooter/moba hybrid.

Earn credit , buy gears from shop.

There’s not really any loot if you compare it to a traditional ARPG.

I guess the loot system will evolve in time.

When you finish a contract you get loot in the end of it or one or two things when you kill the boss.

But on veteran difficulty there are way more chests ans special items that drop ingame. Wich those you can upgrade your weapons and give them new effects etc.

This is the ending of Killsquad How is the loot? guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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