Killsquad FAQ (Release, RPG, Open World)

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Killsquad is a 4 player co-op action RPG where bounty hunters raid planets looking for loot and glory. Its key features are fast-paced action, community shared contracts, and a session-driven progression system. Available on Steam Early Access.

This is an official FAQ written by devs.

Killsquad FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Killsquad 

  • KILLSQUAD is a coop A-RPG about Bounty Hunters raiding planets for glory. Choose a raid on the Online Contract System. Unlock skills mid-mission to adapt. Unleash hell with unique weapons. Scavenge materials to boost them. And, if you survive, spend your bounty on gear to live another day.

What’s the release date? 

  • KILLSQUAD’s Early Acces will be released on PC July 16th, 2019. The game will launch on consoles next year.

How Many Bounty Hunters/Heroes are in the rooster? 

  • There’re 4 Bounty Hunters for you to choose, but more are planned to come in the near future.

Are there any Microtransactions? 

  • No, you buy the game once and you gain access to all its content.

Is Killsquad a moba? 

  • No, Killsquad is an Action rpg PvE game.

Is Killsquad an open world game? 

  • No, every contract will take you into a procedurally generated level. There is no open world or hub zone. That doesn’t mean you can’t explore those levels and find clues about the world’s history and lore.

On what platforms will KILLSQUAD launch? 

  • It will launch on PC this summer and on consoles next year.

Can KILLSQUAD be played solo? 

  • Yes, you definitely can. Be aware though that the game is more enjoyable with friends, and that on later levels you’ll probably need help to conquer high level contracts.

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