Kentucky Route Zero How to Get Lost Fragments for All Acts

Kentucky Route Zero game guide focuses on How to Get Lost Fragments for All Acts (from I to V). The guide also will give you story unlocked achievements for all acts (from 1 to 5). We hope that this guide will help you.

Story-Unlocked Achievements

Simply play through the Acts and Interludes to obtain these.

  • Act I

Complete Act I.

  • Limits & Demonstrations

Complete “Limits & Demonstrations.”

  • Act II

Complete Act II.

  • The Entertainment

Complete “The Entertainment.”

  • Act III

Complete Act III.

  • Here And There Along The Echo

Complete “Here And There Along The Echo.”

  • Act IV

Complete Act IV.

  • Act IV again

Complete Act IV a second time.

  • Un Pueblo De Nada

Complete “Un Pueblo De Nada.”

  • “Look for me under your bootsoles”

Complete Act V.

  • Death of the Hired Man

Complete “Death of the Hired Man.

Unlocks by meeting Carrington in Act I and completing Act V

Lost Fragments

Act I

  • I bet a dog will eat it

Share Joseph’s home-made jerky with the dog.

After meeting with Joseph for the first time, he will give you a home-made jerky.

Give it to your dog.

  • Finding Carrington

Return to Equus Oils and find Carrington there.

Simply return to Equus Oils after visiting other scenes and talk to Carrington.

  • Hypnagogic

Hypnotize Shannon in the mine.

Find the broken track (right of bat feeder/scarecrow track)

Choose Shannon option before leaving, and stare directly at yourself Turn her towards screen, as if she was having an eye contact with the player) at the begining of broken tracks.

Act II

  • Paperclip Labyrinth

Follow the bureaucratic loop in the Bureau 3 times.

When you’re being sent to find Lula, don’t interrupt clerks and run in circles three times with the paperwork.

  • Organ Performance

Listen to the organ performance in the Bureau.

Take the elevator to the second floor and travel all the way to the right.

You will find a man with a grill, who will play the organ


  • Say something romantic

Watch Flora launch her paper boat.

In the start of Act III, when standing in front of Museum of Dwellings, run all the way down with Ezra and find a girl in red shirt. Talk to her.

  • Phil and Jane

Find Phil and Jane on the Zero.

After the Hall of Mountain King

When you’re on Zero again, travel 65 counter-clockwise till you find a TV, turn on 70 and then travel clockwise until you find a van.

  • You died

Die in Xanadu.

After you restore Xanadu, in episode near the hole in the earth just pick an option to climb down.

Without using the rope.

  • Under the horizon

Find Flora’s boat in the distillery.

When you’ll reach Hard Times Distillery, travel all the way down to the flow of the river Echo, and you will find an old friend.

Act IV

  • Patch speaking

Answer the phone in the Rum Colony.

Get off the board of the Mucky Mammoth when you have chance and visit “Rum Colony”.

Hang out around the bar, and when the phone rings – pick it up.

  • Happy Tuesdayz”

Win the claw game at Sam & Ida’s.

You have to try and get the headphones on a Tuesday (either on a real tuesday or by changing the date on your computer to a tuesday).

  • Here, you pick

Learn about 12 dishes in Sam & Ida’s.

Just flip the page with dishes four times in a row.

Act V

The map

Walk the Seer’s earthwork path in the town.

This is the ending of Kentucky Route Zero How to Get Lost Fragments for All Acts guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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