Kathy Rain Poor Lenny All Achievements and Walkthroughs

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 Poor Lenny tries to hit on Kathy

Go to right and talk with sheriff about police report and your grandpa. Talk with Lenny again about police report. Go through double doors and try to talk with bum. Turn off tiny TV, then turn it back again to get achievement Aww!. Turn the TV off once and for all. Talk with Bum and convince him to distract Lenny. Go back to front room and search the files. Go back to cells and use key on the evidence locker. Examine the dictaphone and turn it on. Leave from sheriff’s station and tell Lenny right before leaving that you would rather eat a foot to get achievement Undateable. Go to Rain residence and go to living room. Talk to grandma Rain about attic. Try to turn on the lights and go downstairs. Remove light bulb from the table lamp and go back to attic. Change light bulb with burned one and turn on the lights. Turn lights off and on again to get Nocturnal achievement. Look at the teddy bear on the bookshelf to get Mr Bear, Reporting for Duty! achievement. Examine briefcase and take math book after that. Based on the information from dictaphone and math book you will know that combination to briefcase is 235131. Use the briefcase and enter combination. Take envelope and open it. Examine everything in the envelope and combine micro cassette with dictaphone. Listen that message by examining dictaphone and pushing play button. Go downstairs and to the living room. Talk with grandma Rain about everything after you show her everything that was inside briefcase. Go back to first room and use phone book to search for Charles Wade and McConnell AFB. Use the phone to call McConnell AFB ask about everything from them and lastly ask about Charles Wade. Pretend to be cop.

Achievements in this video:

  • Aww!
  • Undateable
  • Nocturnal
  • Mr Bear, Reporting for Duty!

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