Kathy Rain Father Isaac Walkthroughs

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This is a video guide and these are not recorded by us but founded on Youtube.

Father Isaac is a Bad Man

Go through door on the left and search desk and you will find a key. Use mop on the bulletin board and search it. Bend paperclips in your inventory and use them on the cell door. Bump up each tumbler until you get the order right. Take evidence bag. Go to cemetery and use old key on the mausoleum. Untie Eileen and tie Isaac. Search Isaac and leave. Leave living room and check out the key you got from Isaac. Check the phone book for “Storage facility”. Go to storage facility and use key with a tag on first storage. Take paint thinner and check out paintings and writing in the walls. Use key on the A7 storage and rummage through boxes. Use tape on your dictaphone and listen to the tape. Go to lakeside cabin and take thermometer. Use lock picks on the door and when inside use paint thinner on the painting. Go to Church and try to take portrait and use safe to learn you need 6 digit code for it. Go to mausoleum in the cemetery and solve puzzle like in the video. Go back to church and use code 611122 on the safe. Read bible pages and listen to tape.

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