Kathy Rain Down the Rabbit Hole Walkthroughs

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This is a video guide and it is not recorded by us but founded on Youtube.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Go to sheriff’s Station. Go to jail and talk with Isaac and make him listen to the dictaphone. Go to cornwell woods and look at the thermometer. Go near every exit until temperature goes down and go to that direction. Repeat that until you are at the large hole. Read the message and smell the flowers and you will receive Down the Rabbit Hole achievement. Search lamp and check the book on the table. Use pen to write your name in the book. Use elevator and push 2. Walk to right and through the door. Use pen on the bloody panel. Use scalpel on your mother and after that again on your mother. Open fridge and leave that room. Take postcard from the floor and let your father chase you across weak spot on the floor. Go to 1st floor and look at the padlock on the door. If you remember earlier numbers on the magnets NEAR is 3215 so insert 3215 in the padlock and take it. Go to 3rd floor and use padlock on broken link of the chain. Use crank and after that place scarab on the indentations. Use crank again and take small key. Use crank and use small key on the coffin. Take another small key from the floor and go to 1st floor. Use small key on the padlock. Use chain on the door and another chain on the elevator. Use padlock on the chains and after that ride with elevator. Go to living room and after conversation leave the living room. Ascend with the elevator and use paint thinner on the flowers and light them on fire with your zippo lighter.

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