Kathy Rain Computer Hacking %100 All Achievements and Walkthroughs

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Computer hacking

Look at the computer and call hacker Dave. Take envelope and open it and check pink suitcase in the room to get Eileens full name. Use floppy disk on the computer and select “corrupt hard drive MBR”. Now call Clyde and try to log in with username: esummers and whatever password as long it is not correct. Use floppy on the computer again and extract admin password. Log in with admin credentials and go to network settings and set dorm b port 8 to on. Call hacker Dave and take new envelope. open new envelope and use the floppy on the computer select tools. Use overexposed picture on scanner and use scanner on the computer. Drag picture to image analyzer and use sliders until picture looks good. Zoom in to lights and analyze it. Zoom in to flower and print it. Take prints and combine it with church brochure. Remove tape from the dictaphone and use micro cassette on scanner. Use computer and scan that. Drag file to voice forge and select HELLO BABY to and export it to tape to get How YOU Doing? achievement. Select “Hello Erica it’s your father call Kathy Rain and export that to tape. Now call to wade residence and use dictaphone after the beeb. Answer the phone and talk with Erica Wade about everything. After finishing this you will get Wow, They’re Hypnotic. achievement.

Achievements in this video:

  • How you Doing?
  • Wow, They’re Hypnotic. achievement

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