Kathy Rain Charles Wade %100 All Achievements and Walkthroughs

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Charles Wade

Look at the mirror in your dorm room to get Resting Scowly Face achievement. Go to clinic and talk with Goober.Start smoking near Goober to get Passive Smoking achievement. Talk with Goober about everything. Go inside the clinic and talk with nurse. Go back to Goober and ask him to perform live he’s film monologues. Ask Goober to perform all of the monologues and go inside to listen them to get Film Buff achievement. Ask Goober to perform one more “The usual surprises” and shock him in the middle of he’s monologue with your stun gun. Use floppy on nurse’s computer and extract password. Now use computer with the passwords and search for “Wade”. Go to stairs to Charles Wades room and talk with him about everything.

Achievements in this video:

  • Resting Scowly Face
  • Passive Smoking
  • Film Buff

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