Kao the Kangaroo Round 2 Achievements Guide

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Achievements Guide

A guide made to help people get every achievement in Kao the Kangaroo: Round 2 on Steam!


“Got any money?” achievement.

Collect 500 ducats.

“Still need more to pay that rotten Bossman off…” achievement.

Collect 1000 ducats.

“3000 ducats or else… nothing” achievement.

Collect 3000 ducats.

“Shinies!” achievement.

Collect all ducats, stars and crystals on any level.

I think the easiest level to get this achievement on is the one with snowboard.

“Greedier than Bossman” achievement.

Collect all ducats, stars and crystals on every level.

“Who is “puny” now?” achievement.

Defeat Shaman without taking any damage.

In the First stage of the battle, Shaman throws lightning bolts at you.
All you have to do is run in a circle in one spot to avoid any damage.

In the second stage of the battle, Shaman sends waves of “something”. Simply jump over them.
Next you have to do a pound (jump and press roll in mid-air) on a highlighted parts of the arena.

In the third stage of the battle, you have to throw boomerangs at Shaman. After you pound on the ground you have to throw boomerangs at the circles that are rotating around the top of the Shaman’s force field. Then you just throw the boomerangs at him after the field is down. If you keep spamming the boomerangs he’ll get stun locked and will not have enough time to attack you.

“Seadog” achievement.

Defeat Pirate without taking any damage.

This may be the easiest to complete boss battle without taking any damage. Seriously.
All you need is an Infinite Roll (200 Stars) and if you have it, well, you’re pretty much
invincible. Just roll everyone over until they die. You can’t get hit by anything if you’re
rolling in this battle, somehow. Just keep on rollin’.

When the Pirate comes down to beat you up just let him get into one of the holes in the ground.
They shoot out water so you’ll definitely know where they are. After he’s stuck in the hole just
pound on him (jump + roll). Do it a few times and the achievement is yours!

PS. Just in case you don’t have the Infinite Roll yet try using the roll you have already.
The only diference will be that you have dodge attacks where with the Infinite Roll you don’t
have to.

“MVP” achievement.

Defeat Hunter without taking any damage.

You need to beat the boss at least once so you know all the patters.

There are 3 stages of this battle.

The 1st stage takes place on the ship. Throw the boomerangs at him and dodge
fire and try not to drop into holes.

The 2nd stage takes place when the ship is sinking. You’re going to dodge bombs while
the platforms sink under your feet. The best strategy for this one is roll on most
of the platforms. Rolling makes you invulnerable to bombs, so that’s pretty cool.

The 3rd and final stage takes place at the docks. Hunter hides behind boxes and barrels
and you have to take him out with boomerangs. Simple as that. When this stage starts out
you can hide in the hole with the boomerang pickup. He can’t hit you there, but you can hit
him with jump throw. When he runs further away just chase him. But don’t get into open space
without any cover. You’ll most likely get hit or run out of boomerangs. Try to hide behind
the stashes of boxes. To get boomerangs use rolling. I think he can’t hit you when you’re rolling,
but I can be wrong.

“Need for Speedboat” achievement.

Beat the speedboat race stage in 3 minutes or less.

Pretty easy to get after you get to know the map better. Simply use the boost you gain
from collecting purple orbs (aim button). And use all the shortcuts you can.
You gotta remember though that two shortcuts get activated by going through rings.

This is the ending of Kao the Kangaroo Round 2 %100 All Achievements Guide guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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