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Welcome if you are reading this. In this guide, you will learn much information, such as the basics of Jump Force. You will learn how to play Jump Force and you will find here What is Jump Force. This is a guide for beginners, experts and all. This guide will continue through many writings.

You can use this for knowing a bit more about the game so you can use what is said here every day.

Hope you have fun.

What is Jump Force? What even is Weekly Shonen Jump?

JUMP FORCE is a 3D anime arena team-based brawler that allows you to dive into 3v3 battles featuring your favourite characters from your favourite (mainstream) Shonen Jump franchises, such as Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Hunter x Hunter, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, and more! This game was created mainly to celebrate Weekly Shonen Jump’s 50TH ANNIVERSARY! (Can’t believe Weekly Shonen Jump has been around for that long, now. Wow. Also, it’s technically its 51st anniversary)


Weekly Shonen Jump is a collection and compilation of Japanese comic books known as manga, publishing and featuring multiple different series, characters, and universes! Shonen is the term “young boy” in Japanese, henceforth this weekly compilation of manga’s demographic is focused on youngsters! Each new issue of Weekly Shonen Jump releases every Monday in Japan!


Simply put, Shueisha is the publisher both Weekly Shonen Jump and issues of specific franchises, such as Dragon Ball Z, etc.! The company was founded in the Chiyoda district of Tokyo, Japan in 1925, and still resides there today!

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