Jump Force Controls Guide

The controls, like the Storm and Xenoverse games, are admittingly simple. Here, we will go over the basic XBOX 360/ONE-format controls!


LS: Character Movements

X button: your light combo button. You can either use it as a simple multi-hit combo approach, or you can add a super or ultimate as a zesty confirm combo!

Y button: works the same way as the X, but is your heavy combo button! Less amount of hits than the light combo!


RB Shoulder Button: your block button. You can combine LS leaning Left, Down, or Right + RB to dodge! LS Up + RB allows you to chase which can also be done with the LB button!

LB Shoulder Button: can either be used to chase your opponent with a powerful dash or escape from a combo string you get caught in! Be careful, though, escaping consumes your entire movement meter!

LT Trigger Button: Your partner button! You can hold the button to call an assist before/after blocking or comboing! You can also tap the button to switch to your next character! This can even be done mid-combo!

RT Trigger Button: Your very-important button in this game: Holding this button allows you to charge meter. Pressing RT with X, Y, or B allows you to do a super that consumes 1-3 meters! Pressing RT with A allows you to perform an Ultimate when ready!

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