Journey to the Savage Planet – How to Find All Crystal

Journey to the Savage Planet game guide focuses on how to find all 3 crystal pieces walkthrough. The guide will give you a walkthrough for “crystal fragments found”. This mission is in the Rollercoaster Rails quest. We hope that this guide will help you.

Resembling the Crystal

To find the missing crystal pieces you will need to scan the shrine with your visor. You will then see 3 red lines of energy growing out from the shrine (in visor mode).

Follow each of these lines alternating to each of the 3 crystal pieces. Each crystal listed below is from left to right when facing away from the shrine

Left Crystal Piece

Follow the energy signal leading out from the left of the shrine for your first crystal piece. This piece will be hidden behind a grouping of tentaweeds.

Shoot or slap the tentaweeds to make them hide until you find the first piece in the very back of the weeds.

Right Crystal Piece

Follow the energy signal leading to the right of the shrine for this piece of the crystal. Follow the path until it leads you to a cavern behind the waterfall filled with large chunks of amber.

You will need to melt the amber to find the crystal within one of them. It is unclear if the crystal will spawn in one of these at random, but in this instance the crystal spawned in the back right corner of the cave

Melting the Amber to the left of the crystal will reward you with an orange goo for the Alien Edibles Quest

Center Crystal Piece

Follow the center energy line to the final crystal piece. This piece is located over a ledge and will be easily accessible with your double jump.

Grab the final crystal and return to the shrine to extract the alien sample.

This is the ending of Journey to the Savage Planet – How to Find All Crystal guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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