ISLANDERS All Achievements Guide

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to focus on All Achievements Guide in ISLANDERS game. While writing this guide, We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Let us warn you about the guide. We wrote to topic “all” bcs we found just all them till now. But if we find others or if you provide us to know others, we can update the guide. So this guide is work in progress.

ISLANDERS Achievements Guide

There are 26 achievements you can catch during the game progress so you can’t miss any. You just need some time to play. You don’t need to get the Buildings, Points and Isle achievements in one run except those where it says it.

The easiest achievement

Finish your first game.


Explore 10 islands.

You will do this by the way, after some runs you will reach the total count.

Explore 20 islands.

Explore 30 islands.

Reach the 2nd island.

Reach the 3rd island.

Reach the 4th island.

Reach the 2nd island within 90 seconds.

Select the building package where you exactly know how to place it to reach a high score.

Reach the 3rd island within 4 minutes.

Same tip as by the Sprinter achievement. I prefer Fountain and Parks.


You will do this by the way, after some runs you will reach the needed count.

Build 100 buildings.

Build 500 buildings.

Build 1000 buildings.

Nice Spot
Earn 25 points from one building.

Brilliant Position
Earn 50 points from one building.

Perfectly Placed
Earn 75 points from one building.

I recommend doing that achievements with a market or a gold mine/jeweller before just place some villas around the mine and a town centre. Every villa will give you 5 points, the town centre 20 and the gold mine 35.

Score in one round

Score 500 points in one match.

Score 1,500 points in one match.

Score 3,000 points in one match.

Puzzle Solver
Reach a score of exactly 100.

Slow Burn
Reach a score of 1,000 without ever having more than 6 buildings in your inventory.

Build just one of each buildings out of your inventory than you can select a new package. Depending on the selected package you won’t have more than 6 buildings in the inventory.

Collect points

Earn 2,000 points.

Earn 10,000 points.

Earn 20,000 points.

Reach a score of 800 on the first island.

Keep on searching for the best locations for your buildings – yes, that cost time but you will get advanced more faster. If you reached the next score level where you can select your next package watch out for the best to play with.

Other achievements

Have at least 12 buildings in your inventory at once.

Lose a total of at least 100 points in one match.

Build a temple near to the industry-/crafts buildings or several tower/marketplaces side by side.


This is the ending of ISLANDERS All Achievements Guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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