Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love All Achievements Guide

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All Achievements Guide

Chapter 1

The Adventure Begins

Piece together how it all began.

  • Story.
  • Complete tutorial and start Chapter 1.

Blast from the Past

Bring back your childhood memories

  • During the presentation start with showing your personal photos (order from the bottom):
  • (1927) Little Evan learning to pee
  • (1934) Little Evan the builder
  • (1942) Finally on three wheels
  • (1944) Little Evan taking a bath
  • (1947) The family

Deja Food

Experience public humiliation

  • Story.
  • Awarded after the speech.

Finishing Touch

Surely you can use these things together

  • Story.
  • Create a flower.


Say goodbye to your folks

  • Talk to your parents after receiving second message (brick) from Anna.

Chapter 2

The Weirdest Journey

Step one – Leave the house

  • Story.
  • Start Chapter 2.

Welcome to Matryoshka

Witness the absurdity of Matryoshka for the first time

  • Story.
  • During filling the application at the hotel.


Try to bribe several of the locals

  • Try to give rupiejkas to hotel employees:
  • Receptionist
  • Second guard
  • Chief of security
  • Currency exchange employee
  • Porter

Pack Rat

Buy every single item from the vending machine

  • Keep putting money into the vending machine and buying items.
  • The last item requires pressing buttons 4 and 8.

The Early Bird Gets the Worm

Order a wake-up call

  • Call the reception from your hotel room.
  • Order a wake-up call.

Ivan the Destroyer

Slightly vandalize the room

  • Story.
  • Destroy mirror in the bathroom.


Sal Limones would be proud!

  • Story.
  • Open room 369.


Send your parents a postcard from Matryoshka

  • You received postard from the hotel vending machine.
  • The mailbox is next to the fortune teller.


Show them how to treat the ladies

  • Story.
  • Give perfume to the welding woman.

Scream and Run

Oh hai doggy

  • Story.
  • Give skull to the dog.


Exchange ration card with the professor

  • There are two people in the long line willing to trade their ration cards for your flour.
  • One offers meat ration card, the other sugar ration card.
  • Trade flour for sugar ration card and give it to the senior citizen at the construction site.

Shame on You

Getting the various hard-working classes drunk will get you nowhere

  • Offer Dobra Vodka to citizens of Matryoshka:
  • Carter (miller)
  • Florist
  • Butcher
  • Guard
  • Surveyor
  • Welding woman

Chapter 3

When Things go Awry

Step two – Stay clean

  • Story.
  • Start Chapter 3.

Pro Tiger Tamer

A three-headed monkey would also be useful

  • Story.
  • Give a toy to the tiger.


Score 20 points by shooting the targets

  • There is a shooting range In the GORK Park.
  • You’ve got 20 shots and need to get 20 points.
  • You get points for shooting Western symbols (cowboy hats, burgers, baseballs, footballs etc.).
  • You can repeat this as many times as you need.

New Challenger

Try your hand at all of the GORK Park activities

  • Story.
  • Try three activities in the GORK Park (shooting range, bricklaying, songwriting).

Necessity is the Mother…

Blow up the bizarre balloon

  • Story.
  • Blow up condom with helium.

Bright Idea

Save your telekinetic powers for later

  • Story.
  • Attach three balloons to the lever.

Evan Mosley

Almost like a detective’s disguise

  • Story.
  • Add glue to the fake mustache.
  • Try to attach it to your face in the toilet in th GORK Park.

Sweet Surrender

Offer the general an excellent treat

  • Story.
  • Make cotton candy with laxative.

Fearless Coward

Technically you’re not supposed to do that

  • Try to cross the white line a few times.

Betrayal at Condor

Step three – Get cracking

  • Story.
  • Finish Chapter 3.
  • Technically it would fit Chapter 4 more, but it’s being awarded in this chapter.

Chapter 4


Find a way to bring down the wall

  • Story.
  • Check the drawing on the cell wall.


Disassemble the dreaded item

  • Story.
  • Take a bullet out of the gun.

Not So Secret Cow Level

Find yourself in a heap of trouble

  • Story.
  • Awarded after escaping the prison.

The Black Lodge

The right man in the wrong place

  • Story.
  • Enter the Ministry of War.

Obsolete Technology

Snap a photo with an antique camera

  • Story.
  • Take a photo with the camera.
  • It can be done earlier than it’s required to progress the story.
  • Simply take any photo, of anything or nothing.
  • Take the frame to the photo department employee.

Hero of the Day

Give the people a sure sign that the revolution has started

  • Story.
  • Shoot the Comrade Leader statute with a tank.

Gory to Matryoshka

Step four – Save Matryoshka

  • Story.
  • Complete Chapter 4 and the game

This is the ending of Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love All Achievements Guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.


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