Iratus: Lord of the Dead Enemies Guide for Beginners

Welcome, visitors. Iratus: Lord of the Dead game guide focuses on all enemies guide. The guide will give you basic advice, tips, and tricks on for all enemies (Alchemist, Conjuress, Elven Ranger, Heavy Firethrower, Miner, Musketeer, Oracle, Shield Maiden, Spellthief, Scout) in Iratus: Lord of the Dead game. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Iratus: Lord of the Dead (Rus. Iratus: Lord of the Dead ) is a computer role-playing game with elements of roguelike, developed by Russian studio Unfrozen. The early access release took place on July 24, 2019.

The game consists of a mix of genres: the hero is pumped from the RPG , randomly generated rooms from bagels, in which there can be both different opponents and certain events or objects.

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In the lower levels of the dungeon, is where the necromancer’s path to freedom begins. Climb from the depths of your prison and slay those who would stand against you. Fight against a large variety of enemies, from unsuspecting miners in the depths to evil-seeking paladins.


The alchemists of the guild preside over the mining operations beneath the castle, having been given full authority by the humans above. For this reason, they have stepped in to personally deal with the undead invasion, lest the rise of Iratus be blamed on them and the humans use this opportunity to restructure the terms of their agreement. They tend to travel with groups of powerful bodyguards.


These female spellslingers would normally only ever be found atop their ivory towers where they engage in the never-ending war of mage politics. The invasion brought upon by Iratus served to change that, forcing them to use their vast arcane abilities for more practical needs. Since they are not trained for war, they are extremely cowardly and prefer staying in the back lines where nothing bad can happen to their magically glamoured figures.


Elven Ranger are outsiders among elves, not because they committed any terrible crimes but rather because they hate any form of humanoid company. Said humanoid company doesn’t like them much either but they are tolerated enough to help against the undead onslaught. Maybe they are not much for conversation but they are surprisingly effective warriors.


Firethrowers are the personal elite guard of the alchemist’s guild. The dwarves don’t quite trust their human partners, which is why they have brought along these fearsome warriors as insurance. After all, getting burned alive is one of the least pleasant ways to die.


Miners are alchemically infused convicts that can be found working in the tunnels beneath the castle. The potions they are fed give them a vast increase in strength at the cost of reduced intellect and lifespan. The ruling human aristocracy is more than willing to supply the dwarves with captives for their experiments as long as they receive a share of the profits.


Musketeers are the modern face of the dwarven war effort, the crowning achievement of the alchemist guild. Armed with a powerful and versatile firearm, they have more maneuverability than any dwarven soldiers of the past without any sacrifice in punching power. Certainly there are still some problems with these weapons, such as rain or the occasional explosion, but the guild keeps this information hushed to maintain its prestige.


An Oracle is a kind of hedge mage troubled with visions of doom. They have predicted the rise of Iratus, among a few dozen other world ending catastrophes that did not come to pass. It is to be said that as long as you try and try long enough, you will eventually succeed.


Shield maidens belong to a half-religious order dedicated to the protection of the land. One of the few surviving institutions of its kind, it has received a lot of money from rich traders over the years due to their oath-bound loyalty and willingness to work for half of what the average mercenary charges. New members are chosen from only the most fanatical.


These shady individuals are gifted with a rather rare form of magic that allows them to drain power from other magic users. Naturally most mages do not approve of such a practice, which is why there are no dedicated schools in place to train them. Only in the underworld do such scruples fall to the wayside, so this is why joining a thieves’ guild is the only way for someone to master this power.


Unlike some naive beliefs, elven society has always been incredibly militaristic. Due to their low numbers, both men and women are forced into service and experience rigorous training makes deadly warriors out of them. But since females are so much more precious than men, it was decided that they would only wield ranged weapons to keep them as far from the front line as possible.

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