Insurgency: Sandstorm How to Win – Frenzy Mode Guide

Welcome, visitors. Insurgency: Sandstorm game guide focuses on How to Win. in Frenze Mode. Insurgency: Sandstorm update 1.3 is officially live. The update includes a remake of a map with new weapons and new weapon upgrades. There is even a new mode called Frenzy.

This guide will give you some tips, tricks, and strategical advice to win in Frenze Mode in easy way. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Frenze Mode

The new Checkpoint-based game mode came with zombie-inspired enemies that not only run fast, but can attack with melee or with Molotov’s. Players also can get to experience special enemies like the Flamers that explode into flames, the Jumpers that can teleport, or the Bruisers that come with extra armor and can withstand a large amount of damage. Frenzy is playable on all maps, including Ministry.

Lots of people lose than win in this mode however it’s very easy to win but why? Well, here is to explain and give you guy everything I know and It will 100% happen.

1. Class pick :

– Gunner : When you pick this class that mean you will become a “Carry”, so don’t rush, go slowly and pick the x1 Scope. Please DO NOT use x3 x4 x5 scope, you will regert it. Pick M60 or MG4 but I think the best is M240B because the best penetration with low recoil when you attach the comp, a little slow fire race, don’t waste ammo because 1 Mag can kill 45 guys. I really don’t want M249 because it’s just like M4 with 200 rounds, no high penetration. Aim for the face of TANK, It will take like 15 rounds to kill him. Always Aim Down Sight or Q because sometime you will have to CQB. Target : Teleport – Fireman – Tank. Try to find a place have good view to kill everything try to get inside the point.

– Advisor : #Alpha AK / Drum Magazine / ForeGrip / x1 scope. #MK14 / ForeGrip / x1 Scope. #MK17 / 30 Mag / Foregrip / x1 Scope. The rest of point is up to you.

– Breacher : #MP7 / Extend / Laser / x1 Scope + #L106A1 / Extend / Quick draw , #Shotgun / Flechette rounds. No armor and Light carrier because you have to run fast and you need to run outside to kill around. Cover Gunner butts. Do not use MP5, reload to long and low damage. Uzi is good but low damage too.

– Observer : Remember follow Commander but don’t follow to close because you maybe end up with crazy Commander who want to become “hero” or “John Wick”. #Fal / Foregrip / Comp / Extended / x1 Scope, #AKM / Foregrip / Comp / Drum Mag and your best friend #L106A1 pistol.

– Commander : Don’t call smoke please, smoke won’t help anyone, that’s just a smoke not a gas smoke. Same load out gun like Observer or #M4 #VHS-2 #QBZ with Drum Mag / Foregrip or Launcher / x1 Scope / Comp or Suppressor and your best friend #L106A1 pistol. Call for SUPPORTS.

– Sniper : Don’t become a hero or “John Wick”. Please don’t pick a long distant scope, you will kill yourself. #MK14 / Foregrip / Laser / x1 Scope / Comp, #M82A1 / Extended / Laser / x1 scope, #M99 / Extended / Laser / x1 scope, #Mosin / Bolt / Clip / Comp / Laser / x1 Scope. No use Armor and Light carrier.

2. Maps & Tactics :

– Most of the map always have to wait sometimes at the start because they will spawn in. Don’t rush, there are 5 mins, wait for MG guy get in position and get out of his way. Don’t stand in front of anyone, if see somebody shooting, go behind them please, don’t try to jump, hit-box for players are very dumb in this game right now.

Always carry a gas mask, don’t use AT to shoot Tank because it’s not work much and can kill other players because dumb hit-box. AN-M14 sometimes work, sometimes not. Please get inside the point or check the point if anyone still alive in there, the spawn in game are super terrible, sometimes they will spawn near you but you will never know.

– 6 Teleporters, 3 Tanks, 4 Fireman, 1 Ghost Fire ( This Bot is broken), 3 Sucide Bombers always. Every start of the game.

– Do not standing on the high ground or near the window too long because Bots are broken in this game, they will auto aim you and throw flames to you and will throw to a players near inside there because Bots will “accident” trigger hack.

Spawn Flames 5 times / seconds. Bots always know where you are and if they feel like they don’t want to die, you are ♥♥♥♥ed up. Hit-box of Bots are broken too. If you wear gas-mask, they will automatic 1 tap you even to your legs or your little fingers. When they hit you 1, sometimes they will sick with you or teleport you back and start spawn melee very fast.

– Always 4 or 2 peoples stay inside the point, the rest try to find someplace outside and stop the bots coming. Don’t just stand inside everyone, don’t pick the high ground or window. Bots will start their broken.

– Don’t rush for the love of god, why people want to rush and like one-man-army ? Stop it. Don’t block the way, if one get inside, walk slowly, the rest stay a little far from him. If he see something ♥♥♥♥ed up, he will have time and way to run back.

– You have your Rilfe but you decide use Pistol only ? If you see clean enough, stay and reload your gun. Shoot slowly, don’t just use Pistol only, pick up somebody Rilfe and use it. Are you a sniper ? No. Stop watching John Wick or think you are John Wick.

– Try to say something like you need back up or press V when something danger come to you.

This is the ending of Insurgency: Sandstorm How to Win – Frenze Mode Guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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