Indivisible Thorani Character Guide (Combat and Movement)

Indivisible game guide focuses on Thorani Character. The guide will give you basic tips and tricks for Thorani Character. You will find basic information, how to unlock guide, uses and combat guides in the article for Indivisible game. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.


Indivisible is a hand-drawn action RPG platformer from Lab Zero, creators of the critically acclaimed Skullgirls! Set in a huge fantasy world, Indivisible tells the story of Ajna, a fearless girl with a rebellious streak who sets out on a quest to save everything she knows from being destroyed.

Character Basis

Thorani was the second Incarnation to be revealed at $150,000 during the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, initially in greyscale before her colour scheme was first shown with the reveal of Yan.

She is the Thai pronunciation of Pali dhāraṇī, meaning “ground, earth”. She is named after and based on Phra Mae Thorani, a Buddhist earth goddess who wrung water from her hair to wash away the armies of Mara, the Evil One.

How to Unlock Thorani




Primary: Healer

Secondary: AoE Damage

* AoE Damage: Put simply, they do damage to multiple foes with one attack. Examples include Dhar’s Special attacks and Zebei’s Up attack.

Recommended Position

Front for ground battles.

Sides if there are airborne enemies.

Avoid the back.

Move List

NormalThorani shoots a water projectile at the target.Distance dependent
DownThorani runs at the target and hits it with a wave.No
UpAll water puddles on the field heal allies and hurt foes.N/A
Special (1 Bar)Thorani splashes the area around her.N/A
Special (2 Bars)Thorani melts into an invincible puddle of water.N/A
Special (3 Bars)Thorani summons a rain cloud that showers the area around her.Yes

Move Usage

Normal Attack: Water Blast

Thorani shoots a single water projectile at the target. The puddles will form around your target and directly behind Thorani. Usually, one attack will create one puddle at the target and one behind you. I recommend using this move when you want to have an even spread of puddles around the field. This can hit airborne targets if there is enough distance between Thorani and the target.

Picture shows puddle distribution after three normal attacks.

Down Attack: Water Wave

Thorani runs up to the target and hits it with a wave of water. The vast majority of puddles will form around the target, with a few forming between the target and Thorani’s position in the party. Use this move when you want to surround the opponent’s side of the field with puddles.

Picture shows puddle distribution after five down attacks.

Up Attack: Sparkling Water

Thorani activates all puddles on the field, causing them to have two effects:

  1. Heal Allies
    Any ally that touches a puddle (or is already touching a puddle) will instantly be healed for a decent amount of health. Most of the puddles that you’ll be using for healing will be near the party. However, you can activate Thorani’s up attack while another character is attacking a foe surrounded by puddles to heal that character while dealing damage to the foe.
  2. Harm Foes
    Any foe that touched a puddle will take a moderate amount of damage. While the primary focus of this attack is to heal allies, this is also a good way to deal out some aoe damage across the entire field.

Pictures show both functions of the up attack.

Special Attack (1 Bar): Drizzle

Thorani shakes her hair and surrounds the area around her with puddles. This move is best used when you need to dish out a lot of healing. The best position to use this attack from is the front, as it covers the area where almost all movement will be happening (from both allies and foes). Using it in another position could create puddles that would never be touched.

Special Attack (2 Bars): Melt Away

Thorani melts away into a puddle of water, removing her from the field. She can not be targeted or damaged, and reappears about 5-7 seconds after the attack is used. The puddle automatically activates, letting you position a healing/damage puddle anywhere.

Special Attack (3 Bars): Rain Shower

Thorani summons a rain could for ~10 seconds that acts as a mobile active puddle. This means that any ally that moves past her (or is next to her) will be healed, and any foe that runs past her (or attacks her) will suffer damage. The damage and healing is reapplied once every second.
Once again, having Thorani in the front position will benefit you the most as everyone (friend or foe alike) must move past her to attack (excluding ranged attacks). Use this move as a better alternative to her 1 bar special, as it can output more healing than regular puddles can.

Basic Gameplay

Thorani excels at healing characters that are constantly attacking/moving. Therefore, she’s best for players that like to attack with characters continuously instead of attacking with every character all at once.

For a focus on healing:

  • Have Thorani attack first.
  • Use her normal attack, as the puddles land inside your party as well as in front of any foe you attacked.
  • Remember to save your last attack to activate your puddles, so you can heal any ally about to attack.
  • Use Special attack 1 for a quick burst of healing around the party.
  • Use Special attack 3 for massive amounts of healing.

For a focus on damage:

  • Use her down attack, as the puddles land mainly around the foe(s) you attack.
  • Use special attack 1 to create a damage zone around the party.

Thorani’s main drawback is that she is an indirect healer. You have to plan on where your puddles will land and where your characters are moving in order to heal them.

Also note that because Thorani lacks a up attack, she can not break guarded targets.


These combos focus less of damage and more on healing.

Raging Stream

  1. Down Attack
  2. Normal Attack
  3. (Attack with melee party members)
  4. (While party members are attacking) Up Attack

This will heal all the characters that are attacking the target, while also dealing a small amount of damage. I recommend using this as your main form of attack, as it gives your party a constant source of healing.

Alternatively, you can replace your third attack with a normal attack if you don’t need to heal your party at the moment.

Pure Waters

  1. Down Attack
  2. Special attack 2
  3. (Attack with melee party members)

By activating special attack 2 after using down attack, you can leave a large permanent puddle that can be used by other characters while they attack for easy healing. This also damages foes touching it.

Showers of Life

  1. Special Attack 3
  2. (Have every party member attack with their close range attack) + Down Attack
  3. (Space out the attacks so every party member remains close to the target for as long as possible)
  4. (Use as many attacks as possible)

Use this when you need to heal every party member at once with no failure or puddle movement. By timing your attacks right, you can have your whole party run past Thorani first for 1 heal, then have her join the rest of the party at the target to constantly be healing them. Space out your attacks so you can hold your characters next to Thorani as long as possible. Since Thorani will be down one attack from activating the special attack, she will run back first. Use this to then heal your party as they run back into their positions.
This combo is slightly spotty, as the healing is only triggered once per second. This is more of a guaranteed way to heal the whole party or just use Ginseng.

This is the ending of Indivisible Thorani Character Guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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