Indivisible Razmi Character Guide (Combat and Movement)

Indivisible game guide focuses on Razmi Character. The guide will give you basic tips and tricks for Razmi Character. You will find basic information, uses and combat guides in the article for Indivisible game. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.


Indivisible is a hand-drawn action RPG platformer from Lab Zero, creators of the critically acclaimed Skullgirls! Set in a huge fantasy world, Indivisible tells the story of Ajna, a fearless girl with a rebellious streak who sets out on a quest to save everything she knows from being destroyed.

Character Basis

Razmi is one of the Incarnations in Indivisible voiced by Stephanie Sheh. Razmi was the second Incarnation revealed prior to the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign[2], as well as the third and last to join Ajna in the playable prototype. Of the three initial Incarnations, her story was changed the least during the game’s development.

Razmi is Sanskrit for “ray of light”, in contrast to her gloomy personality but also referencing her use of a lantern.

While she is based on Korean shamans, Razmi’s inspirations seem largely drawn from Persian art, which often depict shamans and mystics dressed in tiger or leopard pelts, and the Magi – followers of Zoroastrianism, one of the world’s oldest monotheistic religions. Their worship includes maintaining an “eternal flame” in fire temples.

How to Unlock Razmi

Another one very early in the story, cannot be missed.


Razmi’s powers lie in channeling Bom through her lantern, with the tiger spirit manifesting as flames to strike at her enemies. She is also capable of healing by reciting a mantra, bathing her companions in Bom’s light.

Move List




  • Primary: AoE damage
  • Secondary: Healing

* AoE Damage: Put simply, they do damage to multiple foes with one attack. Examples include Dhar’s Special attacks and Zebei’s Up attack.

Recommended Position

The back.

Can be moved to the sides if another character needs to be in back.

Move List

NormalBon flames the target.Yes
DownRazmi causes the target to attack less frequent.No
UpBon blasts the target up.Yes
Special (1 Bar)Razmi heals the party.N/A
Special (2 Bars)Razmi launches the spirit of Bon at the target.Yes
Special (3 Bars)Razmi unleashes the soul of Bon and rains fire down on the target.Yes

Move Usage

Normal Attack: Bon

Bon flames a target for a good amount of damage. The attack can hit airborne targets.

Down Attack: Glare

Razmi curses the target, causing them to have a longer wait between attacks. From what I was able to measure, each curse level causes the target to attack ~33% slower, up to 100% slower at level 3. You can tell what level curse a target has by how dark it is shaded.

Pictures show the color difference between a level 1 and level 3 glare.

Up Attack: Pounce

Bon launches upwards from the ground to the target. This means that if you target an airborne target with foes below it, it will hit both. It does slightly less damage than her Normal attack.

Special Attack (1 Bar): Calming Aura

Razmi heals the party for a large amount of health. Use this when you’re in trouble. If you’re using Razmi as your main healer, you’ll be using this a lot.

Special Attack (2 Bars): Vengeful Spirit

Razmi launches Bon forward across the field, hitting everything in his path. This attack is devastating against large groups of foes. It also knocks down airborne foes.

Special Attack (3 Bars): Hellfire

Razmi unleashes Bon, having him rain down fire on the target’s side of the field causing massive damage. Like special attack 2, this hits everything, but does more damage and looks insane. or those that can never have enough fire

Basic Gameplay

Razmi excels at dealing with large groups of foes. Special attacks 2 & 3 can hit multiple foes read: everything at once, and up attack can as well to a lesser degree. She can even heal a good amount of health for just one bar too, making her a good all-around character. I am unsure yet if Razmi works well enough as a lone healer (she’s probably fine).

Glare works best for bosses, or targets that already have long waits between attacks.

Razmi’s major drawback is her small health pool. You’ll need to watch her health closely to know when to drop some healing.

She also has one of the lowest speeds of all the characters. Her attacks can take a long time to recharge if you blow them all at once. This also makes comboing harder.

Razmi’s minor drawback is that she doesn’t become powerful until you get three meter charges. Having your only source of healing eat the entire meter is a pain, and not to mention that you don’t get her devastating AoE attacks. She becomes much better later on.

Also note that because Razmi lacks a downward attack, she can not break guarded targets.


Unsure. With her slow speed, most of the time you’ll be saving Razmi’s attacks for when you’re able to use her special. Her up attack works well with other party members, but the recharge on her attacks makes comboing with her a pain.

This is the ending of Indivisible Razmi Character Guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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