Indivisible Ginseng and Honey Character Guide (Combat and Movement)

Indivisible game guide focuses on Ginseng and HoneyCharacter. The guide will give you basic tips and tricks for Ginseng and Honey Character. You will find basic information, how to unlock guide, uses and combat guides in the article for Indivisible game. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.


Indivisible is a hand-drawn action RPG platformer from Lab Zero, creators of the critically acclaimed Skullgirls! Set in a huge fantasy world, Indivisible tells the story of Ajna, a fearless girl with a rebellious streak who sets out on a quest to save everything she knows from being destroyed.

Character Basis

Ginseng is an aspiring botanist, always accompanied by the creature called Honey, and is the child of Turmeric and Coriander. They are voiced by Cassandra Lee Morris.

Ginseng and Honey are collectively the first Incarnation revealed after the end of the Indiegogo campaign. They were created to solve the lack of a strong healer in the early game  and first made playable in the backer preview. While they were initially teased as being “inseparable, so much so that people don’t actually know who is who”, it was eventually confirmed that the child is Ginseng and the creature is Honey.

Ginseng and honey are both ingredients that have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for many centuries. While their actual health benefits are still debated, ginseng roots are currently one of the most widely used herbal supplements, and manuka honey is said to have particularly potent antibacterial properties.

How to Unlock Ginseng and Honey




  • Primary: Healing
    Secondary: Burst damage

*Burst Damage: Characters that deal damage in large “chucks” rather than constant quick attacks. A prime example is how Dhar’s Down attack let’s him store attacks to power up high damage attacks.

Recommended Position


Move List

NormalGinseng runs at the target and grinds her mortar & pestle.No
DownHoney throws a random object from Ginseng’s bag at the target.Yes
UpGinseng splashes her mortar around, healing allies and damaging foes.No
Special (1 Bar)Ginseng plucks a plant from the ground and stores it in her bag.Yes
Special (2 Bars)Honey launches a barrage of objects from Ginseng’s bag.Yes
Special (3 Bars)Ginseng grinds her mortar & pestle and has it explode.Partial

Move Usage

Normal Attack: Mortar Mash

Ginseng runs at the target and grinds her mortar & pestle, doing a small amount of damage to the target. The second and third normal attacks in a row last longer than the initial normal attack. If you’re aiming for damage, three normal attacks is the easiest way to do damage.
This attack as a secondary function, which is to charge up her Up attack. The attack does not need to damage a target in order to charge her Up attack.

Down Attack: Grab Bag

Honey grabs a random object from Ginseng’s bag and throws it at the target. The attack does moderate damage. This can be used to fully ground any airborne targets, bringing them in range for your Normal attack (or other melee characters).
This attack can be powered up by Special attack 1. See that move for details.

Up Attack: Mortar Salve Splash

Honey splashes her mortar around, directly healing all party members and damaging any targets in range. This attack can be powered up each time you use her Normal attack, up to a total of 5 times (6 levels of healing). Each level does progressively more healing. Here’s some benchmarks:

Normal Attacks Used% Healed of Max Health

Special Attack (1 Bar): Forage

Ginseng plucks an object from the ground and stores it in her bag. This object can then be thrown at a target for moderately high damage. Please keep in mind that you can only hold one object at a time, and any extra objects collected after the first won’t stack.

Special Attack (2 Bars): Grab Bag Blitz

Honey grabs all the random objects in Ginseng’s bag and throws it at the target. This attack does decent damage, but does not hit multiple targets.

Special Attack (3 Bars): Potent Concoction

Ginseng runs at the target and grinds her mortar & pestle for about the length of three normal attacks. The mortar then explodes, showering healing liquid in a large area around her. The liquid heals any party members in range, and does a good amount of damage to any targets within it’s range.

Basic Gameplay

Ginseng is going to be your primary healer until you either unlock Thorani or have enough special meters to use Razmi as a healer both happen at the same time. Even then she’s able to heal through direct healing, which is a big plus.

One of Ginseng’s major drawbacks is her low health. Always pay attention to how low her health is falling, as losing her will deprive you of your main source of healing.

The minor drawback of Ginseng is that all of her “good” moves are burst moves. A good Up attack requires you to Normal attack 4 times. Her Down attack requires one meter charge before it can deal good damage. You’ll need to plan her actions at least a turn in advance to get the most out of her.


Medicinal Mash

  1. Normal Attack
  2. Normal Attack
  3. Up Attack

This basic combo is for when you need to dish out some healing. It will boost your Up attack to level three, letting you heal a good amount of health while dealing a moderate amount of damage. You can add additional Normal attacks depending on your attack level.

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