Ideology in Friction Knights Route Chapter 3 Flowcharts Guide & Walkthrough

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Knights Route Chapter 3 Hints

1. Minerva NTR Event:
You need at least 2 Minerva NTR Evasion Points to avoid this event.
Clearing the side quest Dominik’s Problem will accomplish this.
*Evading Minerva’s NTR is a requirement to get the Pure Love and Virgin endings. Please be careful.

2. You need Exposure Level B or higher to trigger the midnight exhibitionist stroll scene.You can start the scene by clicking the event marker in Clacier’s room.

Main Quests

Catch Who Threatened the Count!Stop the Resistance Causing Trouble in Town!Behemoth Clean-Up
-Go to War Room – Special Forces HQ-Go to Public Safety HQ and speak with the captain-Go to Mead Forest
-Go to Lione Highway-Go to Bar – ViktorbergBoss Battle
Boss Battle-Go to Athu CaveVictory
VictoryBoss Battle-Mission Complete
-Mission CompleteVictoryDefeat
Defeat-Mission CompleteIf non-virgin
H-Scene OccursDefeatH-Scene Occurs
-Mission Failed-Mission Failed-Mission Failed

Side Quests

Find Veela’s Missing Lover
Only appears when no missions are in progress
Dominik’s Problem
Only appears when no missions are in progress
-Talk to the woman in House – Veela-Talk to Minerva in Viktorberg
-Go to Sea ShrineBoss Battle
-There is a collapsed man at the endVictory
Don’t lose a battle after accepting the mission-+2 Minerva NTR Evasion Points
-Mission Complete-Mission Complete
Lose a battle after accepting the missionDefeat
-Mission FailedH-Scene Occurs
-Mission Failed

Conditions: Complete Catch Who Threatened the Count!, Stop the Resistance Causing Trouble in Town!, Behemoth Clean-Up

If less than 3 Missions Failed:

Step 1

Find the Missing Cabinet Secretary!
-Go to Port Town Veela and speak with Eliza.
-Go to the ruins on Audverita Island
Boss Battle
-+1 Minerva NTR Evasion Point
-Mission Complete
-Mission Complete
*Mission counts as a success whether you win or lose

Step 2

Serial Murder Investigation
-Character swap to Annette
-Go to War Room – Special Forces HQ
-Go to Sheil Plains
Boss Battle
-Mission Complete

Step 3

Prove Eliza’s Innocence!
-Character swap to Clacier
-Go to Elega Highway to Meryl
-Go to the hideout in Meryl
Boss Battle
-Mission Complete

This is the ending of Ideology in Friction Knights Route Chapter 3 Flowcharts & Walkthroughs guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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