Ideology in Friction Knights Route Chapter 2 Flowcharts Guide & Walkthrough

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Knights Route Chapter 2 Flowcharts

Main Quest

Finish Off the Pirates!Parnell Demon ExterminationEliminate the Radicals!
-Go to Pirate Base – Go to Parnell-Go to Mt. Elise
Boss Battle – Clear the other main quests first
– Lose to the boss once
Boss Battle
VictoryConditions 1 or 2 will power up the bossVictory
-Mission CompleteBoss Battle-Mission Complete
-Mission Failed -Mission Complete-Mission Failed
If the boss isn’t powered up
-Can Retry
If the boss is powered up
H-Scene Occurs
-Mission Failed


Side Quests
Find the Bar’s Cat Mascot!Save the Innocent Priest!Obtain the Elusive Wine for Me !*Only triggers if you’re not a virgin
-Speak to the bartender in Bar – Viktorberg-Speak with the nun at Church – Viktorberg-Speak to a man in Rich Man’s House – Viktorberg
-Go to Square – Viktorberg and speak with the boys-Speak with the priest in the Basement – Public Safety Post-Speak to a man in Aile’s Item Shop
-Go to Public Safety Post and speak with the knight at the desk-Go to The Northernmost Mansion in AileIf you have sex
If Lewdness C or HigherBoss Battle-Mission Complete
-Choosing to have sex will get you the Sewer KeyVictoryIf you don’t have sex
If Lewdness below C or you choose not to have sex-Mission Complete-Mission Failed
-Go to Special Forces HQ – Viola’s Roomand speak to ViolaDefeat
-Go to the Sewers-Mission Failed
-Mission Complete
Story Progress
Conditions: Complete Finish Off the Pirates!, Parnell Demon Extermination, and Eliminate the Radicals!
The Battle of Elfin Valley
-Go to War Room – Special Forces HQ
-Go to Castle Gate – Viktorberg
-Go to Elfin Valley
-Speak with Minerva
Boss Battle
-+1 Minerva NTR Evasion Point
-Mission Complete
H-Scene Occurs
-Mission Failed

This is the ending of Ideology in Friction Knights Route Chapter 2 Flowcharts guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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