Hypnospace Outlaw – Chapter 2 Game Guide

Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. In this guide, We try to explain Chapter 1 Game Guide in Hypnospace Outlaw game. While writing this guide, We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

The guide is included with the structure of the game
The guide is most like just a game guide. It includes spoilers and stuff. This is one part of the other chapter series. You can see by click Chapter 1 or Chapter 3.

Chapter 2 Game Guide

Sorry, for frying your headband. Welcome back!

Abby’s cleanup:
1. Abby’s world: Remove the stand with gooper thing and remove that gooper with an american flag on the top.
2. Stand with gooper: Remove the gooper with the american flag; the one with a newspaper and stand with gooper. If you wanna get extra points: click on stand with gooper before removing it, and remove goopers and stuff from pages that show up.
Chitchat stuff 
Go to Beyond Twilight -> Dear hspd enforcers…. And you can remove the 4th ss with chats with corey and the 2and3rd chats with zane. Then flag the page, nothing will happen to tiffany, but you’ll get cool emails and it counts.

Case 5 (well actually 7 but…)
Go to Starport Castle Dreamstation -> Sovereign Alliance of Imagination -> Come and visit the freelands.
In there, go 1up and click on the file which has fences around. Go: 1up 1left 1down and click on this: Link

Go back where the fence was, click on the new AXX icon, and the password is: SigNullArcher5. Then you will go into a quiz, here are the answers:
Q: What is the name of the SAI’s special custom made zone?
A: The freelands.
Q: What did CasperAirGraphix do before he made amazing fantasy/sci-fi work?
A: Played guitar in a “Cosmic rock” band
Q: What are the scary short stories involving everyday objects called?
A: Scaries
Q: What popular dragon adoptee is an impish prankster and a goofball?
A: Maraginnius
Q: What are Taurus and Muleta?
A: A humanoid bull and a sentient cape
Q: What highly valuable CyberCog items grant humans superpowers after they are decrypted in special computer terminals?
A: DataCogs
After that, report the click here to download!

Case 6 (well no)

Music downloads infringement

1. Search FLST and go to FLIST ACCESS PORTAL, press on click here to access flist. There is another website selling it for 199HC, but no way you’re buying that, you cheap boi/gal, you’re literally using a guide to beat the game! You’re too lazy to do that, so here is the password!


Short version:

Search f80085.

Long version:

Find Roddy’s FLIST, which is: f00021d. Get 3y3.hei. It’s a sandwich! How do I open it? Well, go buy a pet, and “feed” it to your pet and it will throw out the 3y3 app. Now, go buy Hypnocure PRO (499hc) YOU NEED IT. Go to T1MAGEDDON’s website, and when there appears “you’ve reached tim..” click on that. Use the 3y3 app and hover the eye over on the red lines. Enter the website. Click on T1MAGEDDON’S THANKSGIVING P3SSWORD F3AST, download it.
Now: Search m1nx, use the 3y3 to find the input box (it’s below “if you can’t figure out…”), type in one of the passwords that is in the thanksgiving feast. Now you’re in the forum. Enable the safe mode. Woah! One of them has numbers in their name, let’s see if they have a FLIST! gg, you found Dylan Merchant’s flst. Now search f80085 and report everything there.


This is the ending of Hypnospace Outlaw – Chapter 2 Game Guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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