Hypnospace Outlaw – Chapter 1 Game Guide

Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. In this guide, We try to explain Chapter 1 Game Guide in Hypnospace Outlaw game. While writing this guide, We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

The guide is included with the structure of the game
The guide is most like just a game guide. It includes spoilers and stuff. This is one part of the other chapter series. You can see by click Chapter 2 or Chapter 3.

Chapter 1 Game Guide

Congratulations on becoming an Enforcer!
Case 1
Gumshoe gooper infringement
The best page that contain goopers and where they are:
Goodtime valley
Abby’s world -> Gumshoe gooper art…
Things that you can remove:
Jenny P.’s drawing
Gloria R.’s drawing
“Oh no watch out, here comes gooper – the gooper”
Zachary W.’s drawing
Bethany R.’s drawing

Case 2
Teentopia harassment 
Best pages:
Zane sucks club. You can remove like everything there. Tags: zane; sucks; idiot; dumb; stupid; jerk; stinks; baby. Made by ThatBrassyKid (yeah steam doesnt like some of the words lol)
Got game or way lame. Remove most of the messages “from corey” and the drawings of him. Tags: GOTG4ME; W4YL4ME -> Go to episode two. Made by zane_rocks_14 

Case 3
Capacash Extralegal Commerce 
Best way:
Download professor helper, click yes whenever he says “need any help?” you’ll get an ad, click on it, and it will have “Pay with capacash” on the bottom. After that, you can pay 33hc to uninstall professor helper via proffesor helper uninstall website, it also got you a virus, so get hypnocure.

Case 4
You will get an email from a bad virus boi. Just click on it, you’ll get a virus, and cure it with hypnocure…
Shock images illegal content
The following websites will have a virus:
KRUNCHER (chowderman) Tags: rock; music; chowder man; eric helman; rockstar; muscle boys; freak sheets; kruncher
BurninRubber82 Tags: motorcycles; cars; bikes; riding; rider; skeleton; speed; fuel; biker; lisa; cool; motors; retired; HS_MOVIEBUFF; HS_ TruePatriot; HS_Christians
Noble Warlock Studios Tags: design; 3d graphics; 3d art; warlock; celtic; celt; mystical; wizard; creative; warlock (once again?); mystical; graphics; background; wallpaper; studio; HS_Creativity; HS_Downloads;
Gus’s temple of serenity Tags: temple; serenity; relax; meditation; transcendance; yoga; buddhism; surreal; other dimension; artistic; creative; bazaar; music; background; free; prayer; spirit; nature; reflection; realm; fantasy

Outlaw. It’s a buggy mess. Your Headband will fry.

This is the ending of Hypnospace Outlaw – Chapter 1 Game Guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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