Hurtworld Aztec Server: A Comprehensive Guide

Hurtworld game guide focuses on a comprehensive guide for Aztec Server. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

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Our chat rules are probably similar to what you are familiar with. Racism and hate speech is not allowed. You may NOT bypass the chat filter. Evidence of violating these rules in game chat or voice chat may result in mutes or 2 week bans. If you slip up once or twice, fine… don’t make it a habit. Also being excessively annoying in voice chat with things such as mindless screaming, screetching, or playing music may result in action against you. These rules also go for our discord. Badmouthing or showing poor conduct towards an admin or the server is also not allowed. Reformatting your chat’s color, size, or style will result in mutes


Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. If we believe you are using any kind of cheat, you will be subjected to bans. Also any proven excessive abuse of fresh spawns may result in action taken against you, starting with a warning.


We ask that anyone who considers themselves good at catching cheaters or violators to consistently record their gameplay footage, this can go a long way to us taking action, if applicable


Only white-listed VPN’s and official cloud gaming services are permitted access via VPN. There is an automatic VPN blocker on the server to enforce this


Clans are forced to 7 or less players. Currently there is no way to block a clan consisting of multiple clans (with up to 7 players in each), however we are working on preventing this in the future, as well. Either way, only 7 people will be able to see eachother on the map, with easy-to-see name tags and automatic totem authorization


We are firmly against providing teleport features to players. The primary reasoning for this is because teleport opens up exploits which would not otherwise be achievable, we do not like the idea of players being able to safely bring loot home without having to travel, and we want to keep the PVP raw without any funky mechanics such as TP. Overall we feel that teleport does much more harm than good, and we are sure you’ll understand our decision once you get a chance to play this way, if you have not already.



Loot rates are a hybrid between flat 1x-3x and “dynamic” 1x-3x. Some of the early game materials, such as build mats… are RNG 1x-3x. Many of the mid and end game materials, such as amber and rare ore, are based on 1x being common, 2x being uncommon, and 3x being rare. Important raiding items such as det caps are always 1X


Totally redid antor loot. It is now a good source for talon rockets, amber, gunpowder, fragments of any tier (different rarities), and has a rare chance of dropping mining bow and smelt pickaxe-axe


Rare animals drop much better loot on this server. They can drop lower amounts of the Aztec Antor Loot + default rare animal loot!


Default town events have been modified to be able to drop all of the new modded guns and materials, as well as some other goodies! Town frenzy events are now worth going after. Air drops have been improved as well. Note that none of these improvements are intended to make it a lot easier to get raid items. Raiding on Aztec is meant to require work and patience.


Amber meteors have been made slightly better than vanilla… with slightly more ore and a tad more amber being yielded. Furthermore you will never have an Amber Meteor node NOT drop amber. This being said, the amber rates from amber showers are intentionally nowhere near what they were pre-V2 release.


Colored loot chests of different sizes spawn around the map. Blue is random basic resources, Green is fragments, Red is PVP and a few other materials. The size determines how many items are in them

Timed Events

These are additional timed events that are not in the base game. This list does not include default timed events.


– Loot drops from all town events, air drops, normal town loot, and jet crash is improved for 30 minutes.

-Event occurs every 4 hours


– Town events spawn very rapidly for 15 minutes.

– Event occurs every 4 hours


– Air drops are marked on the map for 60 minutes.

– Event occurs every 4 hours


– Guns can not be re-protected with amber during this 60 minute period. Any amber protection from before the event will remain until the next death.

– Air drops will occur twice as often.

– Event occurs every 6 hours.


– A jet will crash every 66 minutes

– The jet will burn for 10 minutes, during which time you can not get too close to it

– When the jet stops burning (you will be notified in chat), you may loot the jet. Jets will contain 6 to 12 mid-to-late game items


– A wind storm of varying intensities and time lengths will occur every 4 hours

– During wind storms, the intensity of structure decay outside of authorized plots will increase

– The wind storms will last between 30 and 60 minutes, and produce between 2X and 4X+ decay damage

– There is not currently any visual or audio effects for this event. Use your imagination 😉



The AWM has been blocked on Aztec, however there are less OP replacements.


– AK-12 assault rifle – A version of AK12 with increased damage and reduced rate of fire, which allows better control of recoil. Additional modules: Magazines of increased capacity for 40 and 96 rounds, a handle for improving stability, silencers.

– ASV “Val – High-precision and high-speed weapon, extremely effective at short distances.

– VSS “Vintorez” – Silenced semi-automatic sniper rifle for short and mid range.

– Glock 17 – A tier 2 pistol with increased damage (compared to the M9) and additional modules. (Requires yeti wool to craft)


(All of these require gunpowder to craft)

– Bomb – Throwable; Does approximately 20% of one C4 damage, however its splash damage direction depends on how the bomb lands.

– Dynamite Bomb – Similar to the bomb, but it attaches to the wall for more consistent 20% C4 damage. Will still blow wood wall in 1 or 2.

– Raid rocket launcher – Raiding talon rockets can be crafted and launched from this. They do between 40% and 60% of 1 C4 damage.


– Smoke grenade – Allows you to create areas of smoke for tactical maneuvers.

– Supply Signal – You throw it and it creates pink smoke for a couple of moments, then an air drop arrives near the location.

Buff Items

– Beer – Increases protection against heat.

– First-aid kit – Gradually restores your HP in large quantities.

– Painkiller – Gradually restores your HP in a small quantities.

– Energy Drink – Increases your movement speed.

– Vitamins – Increases your nutrition level.

– Heat Pack – Increases your protection against cold.

– Anti-Rad – Increases protection against radiation.

– Canned Food – Various types of canned food for nutritional and other benefits. Some of these can be cooked for even more stat buffs. Canned food never goes bad, unlike steak and owrongs.



Most vehicle parts are on a much more noticeable “tiered rarity” system than vanilla. For example, the best roach tires or the more useful car panels such as seats are going to be quite a bit more rare than the others.


The vehicle manager plugin allows you to remove any component on a vehicle that another player does not own. You may see all of the commands by typing /car help


All ground vehicles (goat, kanga, roach) now have 4 different tiers of engines. The better the engine, the faster your vehicle will be!

Engine Types, from worst to best : Standard, Rare, Legendary, Unique


All car panels now spawn on the vehicles. This includes panels that are previously only obtainable by owning clan territories. Don’t let this trick you into thinking these will be easy to get! In other words, the roach Asylum panels will still be a very rare find…. but at least you can now find and loot them off of the chassis.


Barras are very easy to get on Aztec. Most of them come fully equipped with an engine, making them functional as soon as you find them!


Players can not be killed by vehicles driven by a member of their own clan


Many maximum stack sizes have been left vanilla, however here are some notables (but not necessarily all) which have been changed

  • Steaks and owrongs = 50 (255 for rancid steak and moldy owrong)
  • Masks and paints (matching type) = 255
  • Hornet Raid + Mining Rocket = 50
  • Hornet Combat Rocket = 10

*Please note for future reference that increasing max stack size of vehicle parts such as wheels, engines, gearbox, and panels opens up exploits, which is the reason we do not increase their stack sizes

Misc Info


Ownership stakes and totems, when filled completely with amber, will last 10 days


The respawn timer on shacks has been reduced to 9 minutes, from its default of 20 minutes


Death notes on Aztec are designed to be more entertaining, more noticeable, and more informative.


Previously it was possible for a player to lag the server, intentionally or not, by crafting many items at once and overfilling inventories. No longer!


Server box is located in CHICAGO, USA and has 1.5 gbit up/down bandwidth.

This is the ending of Hurtworld Aztec Server guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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