Human: Fall Flat – Tick Tock Achievement Guide and Tips

Tips on how to get the Tick Tock achievement. 40 sec to climb the clock tower.

Tick Tock Achievement Guide

Since not a lot bout this achievement right now, figure i share what I learned. I muted the sound for this run because I may have ended up cussing when i got it finally. I would just exit game and continue so i would just load into the check point. Also if during the spawn my body got to close to the stairs, I would restart. sometimes grabbing onto the wall while you fall helped me get up faster. wasn’t sure if it helped with time or not. remember to spam jump as much as possible to go faster. for the clock leap on the inside. you can either climb up. or leap straight across to next window at times. even using the swinging part of the clock to sometime help you across. this run, i just happen to be one of the ones of me climbing up instead of getting a leap across. Some of this is kinda luck that your guy obeys. Hope this helps.

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