Hollow Knight Nightmare King Grimm Boss Fight Tips and Tricks

Hollow Knight game guide focuses on how to fight and defeat Nightmare King Grimm Boss. Nightmare King Grimm is the optional final boss of the Grimm Troupe in Hollow Knight. It is the Dream form of Troupe Master Grimm. The guide will give you tips and tricks to beat Nightmare King Grimm. We hope that this guide will help you.

Nightmare King Grimm

Nightmare King Grimm is the optional final boss of the Grimm Troupe in Hollow Knight. It is the Dream form of Troupe Master Grimm.

Behaviour and Tactics

So, the boss has only 6 types of attacks:

1. Makes a long lunge, after which it takes off into the air and disappears. After disappearing into the arena, six clots of flame fall.

You need to make a jerk in the opposite direction from Grimm, and then turn in his direction and strike. (it’s worth being careful, because if you are too close to the boss he can cause you damage when he takes off) (sometimes it’s better not to strike, but just step aside to protect yourself from potential damage) Next he flies up and spews fire. In order not to take damage, you need to walk a little further from the place from where it took off. If you do everything right, you will hit him 1 blow and not take damage.

2. Appears on top of the arena and rushes at the character, then makes a long attack and disappears. In this case, the boss is followed by a fire trail, which can also cause damage.

Here we just make a double jump and either move left / right, or make a jerk. On my own, I will add that some players managed to strike him down during this attack, but if you, like me, play from the keyboard, you will most likely be uncomfortable )

3. Spikes appear throughout the arena. The King of Nightmare himself does not appear on the battlefield during this attack, which does not allow him to be damaged.

Just don’t get under the spikes, lol.

4. He stops and calls from under his cloak four bats that fly along different paths, which makes it much harder to dodge. When you create bats over the hand of the King of Nightmare, a flame appears that can also cause damage.

For this attack, you can manage to inflict Grimma 2-3 blows. To do this, you need to stay between the bats, that is, in the middle. We make a double jump in the direction of Grimm, and at that moment when we hear the sounds of the last flying mouse (according to the account it will be the 4th) we make a jerk, after which we beat.

5. Appears in the center of the arena and, levitating, swells and creates a large number of clots of flame. The attack is made by the King of a nightmare when he has 75/50/25% health.

Probably the most difficult boss attack. Here you need to hide in a corner and dodge these balls. As you already know, the height of the jump depends on how long you hold the key. Keep this in mind when you go through this stage.

It should be understood that you will not be able to immediately avoid his attacks. You will need about an hour or two to get used to it.

Additional Tips for Behaviour and Tactics

Having Grimmchild equipped is required to start the fight.

The fight functions similarly to the Dream Bosses. The base fight remains similar, although it is much faster paced, and most attacks gain new properties as compared to Troupe Master Grimm’s.

Fire Bats: Now, Nightmare King Grimm will send out 4 Fire Bats instead of 3. They travel in a pattern: first and third bats go high, second and fourth go low, with a wide gap in the middle. If the Knight gets within his arm’s length before he ends the attack, Nightmare King Grimm will teleport and send 2 more Fire Bats, one high and one low, simultaneously.

Dive Dash: During both dive and dash, Nightmare King Grimm is followed by a flame tail that deals damage. The Flame Trail generated by the dive will disappear after he lands on the ground.

Dash Uppercut: The pause before Nightmare King Grimm launches himself into the air is shorter. NKG will burst six fireballs instead of five.

Cloak Spikes: The spikes will become dangerous in a shorter amount of time. Nightmare King Grimm is not present during the attack

Flame Pillar: Nightmare King Grimm summons 4 large pillars of flame. He remains stationary in the air throughout the attack. The pillars are summoned one after another. Each pillar starts forming where the Knight was and reaches the top of the arena. As a pillar begins to blench away, a wide, shorter flame appears and remains on the ground for 1 second.

Flamespawner: The Fireballs travel at a considerably faster speed.

Teleport: Nightmare King Grimm will teleport to a random place in the arena to perform an attack.

Skitter: Nightmare King Grimm will skitter away from the Knight before starting an attack if they are too close to him. It may happen that NKG will begin to telegraph for one type of ground attack, skitter away, and change to another ground attack

This is the ending of Hollow Knight Nightmare King Grimm Boss Fight Tips and Tricks guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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