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Hide Or Die game guide focuses on escape mode guide. The guide will be about how the escape mode works, how to play as survivor and hunter in escape mode. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Hide or Die is a large scale multiplayer horror game set in a world corrupt with darkness. Dozens of players take the role as survivors, hiding out in remote bunkers, clinging to their last bits of resources. They must gear up, locate abandoned extractors, re-activate them and escape before the darkness fully consumes them. As the game progresses the darkness will corrupt even the strongest survivors, turning them into powerful and terrifying killers whose goal is only to kill those who remain.

When the Darkness overtakes the world, the players with the most darkness are deemed The Chosen and are given the role to guard one of three bunkers which become the only possible escapes for the remaining players. This intense last-minute rush to escape is where The Chosen partake in a killing-spree in this brutal end-game with a fortune in rewards for doing so.

Escape Mode Guide

Hide or Die has two playable modes currently in the game. One is the Escape Mode.


The Escape mode is played in the WHOLE Hide or Die map. It has 24 players and lots of space to run. In Escape, your goal is to collect darkness and escape as a survivor or kill everyone as a killer. When you start off in Escape mode you will be climbing out of the hatch and then you are released to go explore. Weapons are available from the start of the game unlike Last Man Standing. To collect darkness, you can you activate Extractors or kill Darkness Creatures. When activating Extractors, you will be attacked by Darkness Creatures depending on the rarity of the Extractor. Once you reach 100 darkness, your corruption meter will start filling up. Once your meter fills up to 100%, you can convert into a hunter at a conversion site. In Escape mode, there are 2-3 killers when people start getting their corruption meter up.

Survivors can use their weapons to kill killers and take some of their darkness. After they lose a lot, they will lose their hunter abilities. After 15 minutes of collecting darkness, the top three people with the most darkness will be selected as the final killer to guard the escape bunkers. There are three escape bunkers that the killers has to guard. As a survivor, they must make it to the bunker to escape with their darkness. If a survivor dies at any point they will lose 75% of their darkness and leave with 25% of it. If you escape, you get to keep 100% of it. In Escape mode you can also find Credits, which is used to buy cosmetics in the store. Even if you die, you keep all of your Credits found.

That is how the Escape Mode works in Hide or Die.

How to Play as a Survivor in Escape Mode

Playing survivor in Escape mode is not actually that difficult:

At the start of the match, you may want to look for Weapons and Items. To help yourself, Press M to display the Map, you will see Symbols indicating buildings, Players, Exits, etc..

Once you done with arming yourself, look for Extractors, which are dooted around the map. In Those, you must activate them and complete the objectives, which can vary between

completing fuze boxes to fueling up a generator with Gasoline Cans.

Extractors give a certain amount of darkness, depending on the rarity of it, being common the lowest and very rare the highest for extractors.

Once a certain amount of time passes, you will hear a siren indicating that the exits are about to open.

In case of luck, if your one of the top 3 players with most darkness, you will transform into a hunter, with the objective of defending one of the exits.

Otherwise, you’ll have to escape thought them, but be careful! once you get near an exit, which are shown on screen their location, watchout for nearby hunters!

How to Play as a Hunter in Escape Mode

Being a hunter in escape can be a very rewarding experience. Murdering people and stealing alllll that hard earned darkness is something to relish. But first, you got to find them, and then you gotta kill em. Here’s how:

First off, the moment you convert, you are going to want to use your dark sight, bound to the F key. This makes you go much faster and will highlight the rough locations of survivors across the map. Look for the blotches of color on your screen. The more red and loud they are, the more darkness that person has. Move towards them until the blot of color covers the ground. That area is where the survivor is.

Now its time to track them down. Use the tracking tools your hunter has, cover large ground, check dark sight to make sure they haven’t run. If they keep running, move into dark sight and try to listen for their footprints as they run, then come out and give em a nasty surprise. If they are staying in the same spot, and not coming up on your radar, check the hidables in the area.

Of course, in escape, survivors may not go down without a fight. If the survivors are in groups, or have good enough weapons, they may choose to try and fight you. A foolish notion, here is how to deal with such pesky survivors:

If the survivors bring your hp down to zero, you are forced into dark sight for around 10 seconds. If this happens, don’t attack right away. Stay in dark sight and heal, while trying to stay near the survivors by listening for their footprints.

Once you are full, try to single out a single survivor, and take them down, then go into dark sight and recover your hp and suck up the darkness they dropped. Rinse and repeat. In addition, make sure to use your offensive equipment, such as your dome, your harpoon gun or your mobility to cause problems for the survivors. The fisherman in particular can cause major problems for survivors, as he can out range them and out damage them.

And finally, do keep in mind, not every hunt will end in success! But that’s ok! Simply bide your time until your corruption once again reaches 100 percent, and strike. Oh, and try not to die in the mean time!

This is the ending of Hide Or Die escape mode Guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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