Hero Havoc All Codes Roblox (November 2020)

Roblox Hero Havoc game guide focuses on all new and valid promo codes November 2020. You can find all updated codes for Hero Havoc game. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

The guide will give you Hero Havoc up-to-date codes list to redeem in the game. These codes will provide you free XP Boost, Spins, Beli and more to play easily.

Hero Havoc Codes

These codes are always updated. Although new codes can be added, many codes become invalid anymore. Here are the valid codes.

New Codes:

  • Bakawitch     A New Hero (Baka-Witch)
  • NoobCode2  Gives a Noob Swordsman with 3 special abilities

Other Active Codes

  • NotReallyASlime        Green Slime with Halloween
  • ElementalGuest          Guest with Burn III, Stun III, and Freeze III
  • HowolyCow     Bandit Owol with Holy and Owol Guardian
  • DemonPrin     Village Dunce with Conflagration and Souls of Gehenna
  • SoulBoosterPog          3 hours of Double Souls
  • DragonFireSoldier      Ignatius with Dragon’s Power
  • SkilledSoldier  Federation Soldier with The Wildcard, Headshot, and Haste II
  • RichOwol        Swag Owol with Lucky Gold
  • AYEMATEY      Captain Oaks with Sturdy and Feeding Frenzy
  • OwolSword     Wooden Sword with Owol
  • Wishbirthday2            gold
  • ActualMelonBird        Melon Bird with Watermelon Armor, Blind II, and Silence II
  • UselessOwol   Owol with Shrapnel.
  • ExpiredPizza   Pizza Warrior with Vulnerable I, Silence I, and Bamboo Punch
  • FireCactus       Prickles that is a Fire-type.
  • SoulSlime        Green Slime with Soul Stealer
  • Pittance          gem
  • GamerStatus   Gamer with Slow I, Vulnerable, Bleed I, Silence I, and Blind I.
  • SickGoldBoost 2 Hour Double Gold Boost
  • GOODGOLD    250,000 Gold
  • BattleRowoyale          Howoly Soul

Expired Codes

  • SpeedyDagger:      Overseer Dagger with Haste II
  • RichSlime:              Slime Shield with Charon’s Obol
  • EasterCode2020:   Owol with Charon’s Obol and Slow II
  • ILoveFood:             Donut Shield with Charm III
  • CharmingGamer:   Gamer with Charm II
  • FrozenChicken:     Owol with Freeze I, Freeze II, and Freeze III
  • OneHundredGems: 100 Gems
  • FreeGoldBoost:       3 Hour Gold Booster
  • HeroHavocFree        250,000 Gold
  • LightningBird: Owol with Stun I, Stun II, and Stun III
  • BattleRowoyale:      Howoly Soul

Expired Codes

These codes are expired and not valid anymore.

  • LOTSOFGOLDBOOSTER:  gold booster
  • SnailUnleashed:  Snail with Pacifist, Taunt, Supernova, Insufficient Mana and also Sharpnel
  • RichestBandit:  Bandit with Treasure Crew
  • CoachingShield: Mushroom Shield with Instructor
  • DESTRUCTION:  Needling with explosion ability
  • RichKitty2:  Kitty Chan with Lucky Gold and also Charon’s Obol

How to Redeem Codes

Here you can find all steps how to get rewards of the codes. Codes can be redeemed by:

  1. At first complete the Cassidy quest line, 5 o 6 quests in the forest.
  2. Click on the Twitter icon.
  3. Then you’ll see a screen like above.
  4. Enter your codes.
  5. Click Redeem to get.
  6. It will give you free reward.

This is the ending of Hero Havoc Roblox Codes guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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