Hello Neighbor Items Guide

Hello there this guide is about the variety of items that can be found in Secret Neighbor that can be handy in numerous amounts of situations!

The Chair

The chair can come in numerous colors and sizes, you can use this chair to throw at the neighbor or wedge on a door to buy you some time!

To wedge it to a door press left click on a desired door while holding the chair. This could help you keep safe if your the only one in the room, to prevent any suprise attacks from the Neighbor. You can also use this to block enterances to prevent the neighbor from continously following you!

Pro Tip: if the neighbor is camping next to the key door in the little closet you can barricade him in their and buy yourself sometime unlocking the locks!

The Red Pot

This pot is sure to come in handy at defending yourself! The pot can be found around the house preferbly in hallways or small rooms! Pick up the pot and left click while holding it to put it on!

While wearing it you will see a small blue shape in your field of view!

The purpose of the pot is to protect you from a throwable, after taking one hit you wont be stunned but the pot will make a loud noice and drop being unusable to wear again!

Pro Tip! if the neighbor throws something at you and the pot protects you, be sure to pick it up as you are still able to throw it at him!

The Hammer

This item is overlooked but can be really useful when having a one on one fight with the neighbor or a annoying kid. This hammer can be found in The Garage, Roof top Garden, The shed outside in the backyard or inside the house in high shelves. The item deals twice as much damage than regular items and could easily bring anyone to their knees if you successfully aim and hit them.

To make a even more deadly combo find two of them and bring them to battle!

The Bear Trap

This annoying scarp of metal can easily ruin your life if your caught in one. Keep your eyes out for them as they can be easily destroyed if you find one. The game has no limit to how many the Neighbor can place so by the time you found all the keys hes probably already set traps in the entire room where the locked door is!

Example: I placed numerous traps around the room while the last kid went to look for the Key, luckly he fell right for trap!

Chocolate Bar

This wonderful item of sweetness can be found around the house in shelves mostly pick it up and left click to give you a speed boost for several seconds!

Easter Egg: The chocolate bar is a referance to Tiny Build’s Game called speed runners where you race until your the last racer alive! I recommend Speed Runners for those who play Secret Neighbor!

Power Milk

This item is easy to miss since its so small but can come handy! Pick it up and left click to obtain a longer throwing power for several seconds. There is no exact location really as its found everywhere!

Tip! Don’t confuse it with the big milk jugg, the big milk jugg doesnt give you any ability (other than throwing it at annoying players!


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