Hearts of Iron IV Millenium Dawn 1.6 Beginner’s Guide (Tips&Tricks)

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Millenium Dawn 1.6 Beginner’s Guide

The Merge and new Features

Modern Day 4 and Millenium Dawn have decided to merge their mods into one, the new mod mostly uses the MD4 Map and Units while retaining some MD focus tree among other things.

Newly added features since the merge are:

  • Taxes, Money and debt
  • Investing into nations via building
  • Influencing Nations
  • 24 Ideologies for the 5 Outlooks and many Leader Portraits for these ideologies
  • 2000 start date (based off of MD4)
  • New Generic Focus Tree and some new Focuse tree
  • Party Coalitions and Government Popularity
  • Land Doctrines and a few new Techs
  • Many new decisions

Economy (Money and International Investment)

One of the new features is an Economy System, you have a Daily Income and and Daily Expenditures

You can change the Tax Rate ingame via clicking on the + or – under your Leader Portrait, each click costs 50 PP and changes the tax rate by 1%. Changing the Tax Rate will be your main source of Income but be careful not to increase it too much as that will lower your Ruling Party popularity.

Resource Exports
Haven’t really figured out how this works exactly but you gain a bit of money from having resources

International Investments
You can open the Investment window by left clicking a foreign state (puppets and Allies work aswell). After clicking you should see a small window above the State window, there you can select which building you want to build, how many you want to build and can see how much time it will take and how much it will cost. After Investing the project will pop up as a decision timer showing you when its done among other infos. Investing gives you International Investment Points (refered to as IV form now on), you gain as many as you spent in the construction. You can sell off 1 IV point to gain 0.95 Cash if you really need it. You can also just gather as many IV points as possible and gain a daily income boost from it

Government Expenditure Laws
You can Find these under your Political Window in Laws, each Grant you some bonus while costing Money or sometimes even other things, you can reduce these by changing the law at the cost of PP, doing this will reduce your daily expenditure but also lower your Ruling Party Popularity. Unfortunately the tooltip won’t tell you how much you’d gain by changing the law.

Economy Growth Rate
You can find this under your Political Window in Laws, the better it is the more Tax income you get, it also increases Stability slightly and increases Construction Speed although you’ll have to pay a bunch of cash to change it, even if it gets changed via event.

Starter Tips:

Some Formulas:

  • Taxes + International Investments + Resource Exports = Income
  • Governement Expenditure Laws + Interest on Debt = Expenditure
  • 10 (10 Cash) International Investment Points = 0.001 Daily Cash
  • 1 International Investment Point sold off = 0.95 Cash


Another new feature is Influence, similar to Victoria 2, each nation can Influence each other Nation. You open the Influence Window by right clicking a nation. Influence can be gained by clicking the buttons in the influence window, and used for economic gain, changing their party popularity or even puppeting a nation

How to gain Influence

  • Spread Influence, Costs 100 PP and gives you 4-16 power depending on your Power Status (national Spirit)
  • Give Economic Aid, costs money depending on the targets nation Economy
  • Target Other Influence, Costs 100 PP and reduces Influence of another Influencer by 10 and aditionally of another by 1%, also reduces your Influence by 1%, you can target the second highest influencers (excluding you) and the Independence from foreign Influence Level of the nation.

What to use Influence For

  • Manipulate Politics, Costs 10% Influence and increases their party popularity for your outlook aswell as ideology by 5%
  • Attempt coup, costs 200 PP, has 3 outcomes based on different Factors, Succesful Coup (Change Ideology to yours), Unsuccesful Coup, and Civil War for your ideology/outlook
  • Economic Exploitation, Costs 10% influence, grants you 20% of their Civilian Factories and 20% cheaper trade but reduces relations with the target nation and their neighbors
  • Turn to Puppet, has no cost although they need to have the same outlook and you need to have 80% influence on them

This is the ending of Hearts of Iron IV Millenium Dawn 1.6 Beginners Guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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