HARDCORE MECHA How to Fix Controller Not Working

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HARDCORE MECHA is a 2D platformer action shooter focusing on a better handling. Choose your favorite mecha, experience the fast-paced hardcore competitive battle of steel in Multiplayer! The Campaign mode offers rich gameplay and seamless in-game cut-scenes for an immersive experience.

How to Fix Controller Not Working

1 – Enter pig picture mode

2 – Go to Options, Controller Settings and make sure your respective controller support is enabled.

3 – In the same window, allow steam to identify your controller

4 – Verify that control configuration is working by heading to the game library, select “Hardcore Mecha”, select “manage game” and then “controller configuration”. If controller functions have been enabled, you should have access to the configuration.

If your controller does not have access (as was the case with me), you should get a visual prompt stating that “controller functions must be enabled in steam settings and configuration allowed”; in which case check steps 2-3..

Controller configuration setup in “pig picture mode” seems to be the key issue when controllers don’t work for certain games (such as Hardcore Mecha) so its good place to start. Hope that helps

This is the ending of HARDCORE MECHA How to Fix Controller Not Working guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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