Half-Life: Alyx Achievements Guide for Chapter 1 Entanglement

Half-Life: Alyx game guide focuses on Chapter 1 Entanglement Achievements Guide. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

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Chapter: 1 Entanglement Achievements

One thing to keep in mind before beginning is that there is an achievement called Mazel Tov which will require smashing 50 glass bottles. This won’t be your first achievement, but I’m going to list it first as the time you unlock it at can vary greatly.

Mazel Tov Achievement

Pick up and smash 50 glass bottles.

Throughout the game are many, many glass bottles. The first chapter has a bunch, so smash every single one you find. You will likely get this achievement a little into chapter 3. I won’t list a bunch of locations, as they are very easy to find and it doesn’t matter whatsoever if you miss any. In fact, you can start a new save file and smashed bottles will still add to your stat.

Good Grub Achievement

Feed the snark.

In the very first room, there is a snark trapped in a little glass tank. It looks just like the achievement icon. To its left is a food container; dump some into his tank and the achievement will pop.

Hit and Run Achievement

Break out of the Combine prisoner transport vehicle.

Storyline, cannot be missed. Unlocks after you exit the crashed prisoner transport vehicle and walk into the streets.

On a Roll Achievement

Interact with the playground somehow

This achievement we’re still a bit unsure how it functions. I picked up a red bucket nearby and rolled it down the slide; I’m unsure if that’s what made the achievement pop, though. I also spun the merry-go-round, went down the slide (more like walked), spun all of the tic-tac-toe blocks, and jumped from tire to tire. Further testing is needed on the behavior of this unlock.

Little Slugger Achievement

Represent yourself with a specific prop on Russell’s map

In Russell’s room, there is a miniature baseball character (the one in the achievement photo) located in front of a monitor to the right of the door to the gravity gloves. You must put it as your representation in the minimap when Russell asks you for an object.

Mag-Snagger Achievement

Catch Russell’s ammo magazine before it hits the ground.

When you first go outside, Russell will throw a gun out the window for you to catch. Don’t worry if you miss. After he throws the gun, he’ll throw you a magazine, and you need to catch this in mid-air. It’s not too hard, but if you miss, you need to reload a previous save.

At the very end of Chapter 1, in the area where you first get the gun, do NOT go on the train yet! There is a gnome here, and you need to bring it to the end of the game for the Gnome Vault of My Own achievement. You can either do a second playthrough on story mode to speed things up later, or grab it now and just do a single playthrough of the game.

This is the ending of Half-Life: Alyx Achievements Guide Chapter 1 Entanglement. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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