Hades’ Star How to Win Blue Stars – Guided İmages

What is a Blue Star?

Blue Stars are star systems where you can send 1 Battle Ship at a time to. The objective of the Blue Star is to be the player with the last ship alive. You will encounter Cerebus Ships, and you will have to make your way towards the Star itself, as the Blue Wall is constantly shrinking; (It’s basically Battle Royale) You will have to fight Cerebus and Other player ships until your ship is the Last one alive.


Some modules I would tell you to use are;

1: Battery Level 4+

2: Omega Shield

3: Passive Shield Level 2+

4: Sanctuary

5: Salvage

6: EMP

That is:

Weapons: 1

Shields: 1 or 2 (Depends on which you choose)

Support: 3

If you can only carry 2 Support Modules, use:

1: EMP

2: Sanctuary

Some images:

Some images of Blue Stars winning

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