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Welcome, guideoui.com visitors. In this guide, We try to explain What is diplomacy and how to make use of the diplomacy station in the Hades’ Star game. So we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

A fantastic strategy MMO space-based game with an even better community behind it. You can link your account between iOS, Android and Steam and play the same game on all of them. This is a nice trend with multi-platform online games more and more becoming a thing (Vendetta Online, Villagers & Heroes, Old-school Runescape, etc).

The game loop consists of running shipments between the planets in your system (a yellow star), jumping to red stars to retrieve artifacts with up to four players, battling it out in blue stars, which is a four-player battle royale type shootout and participating in larger scale corporation vs. corporation (the game’s guild system) white star battles.

The Diplomacy Station and Establishing/Cancelling a Diplomatic Relationship

You can build up to three Diplomacy Stations in your system. Each Diplomacy Station allows you a diplomatic relationship with one player.

So we can assume almost every active player has at least one Diplomacy Station. More active players that played the game for a few months or even years are likely to have two or three Diplomacy Stations so they can maintain diplomatic relationships with more players. (For reference: I got my second Diplomacy Station after 8 months of playing.) The Diplomacy Station can be built on any planet and placed anywhere in your home system – except sectors that already contain a Diplomacy Station).

Establishing Diplomacy

After building it the station can be moved for 2 000 hydrogens per sector. This seems very much in the beginning but is not that much if you advance in the game. With a Diplomacy Station, you will be able to receive requests for a diplomatic relationship and you can also send requests. You can send requests by accessing the overview for one player where a button “establish a diplomatic relationship” should appear. Beware: Currently, there is a bug so that you will see this button only when you have “your active view” in your own home system. If it still doesn’t appear to make sure, your partner has a Diplomacy Station at all. Sent requests can be cancelled by accessing the detail menu of the station. If you haven’t sent any requests and no diplomatic relationship a bunch of randomly selected players will show up in the detail menu. Be careful whom you send a request. Incoming requests will make the Diplomacy Station pulsate and you will receive an Inbox message. You can accept or decline the request.

Once you successfully established a diplomatic relationship you can send any ship to your partner’s system and your partner can do the same. This allows a bunch of possibilities which the guide will explain in the following chapters. You are also able to use the Star System Chat to have a private chat with your partner – but be aware: other diplomatic partners of your partner can also see what you write, even when they haven’t established a diplomatic relationship with your partner yet.

Diplomacy Achievements

There are also two achievements coming with diplomacy. First is “Stable Relationship”: This achievement aims at an uninterrupted diplomatic relationship between two players – you can get the rewards/achievement levels by establishing and not cancelling the diplomatic relationship for X days. I can’t recommend aiming for this achievement in the beginning (max time I would recommend is 30 days) as the one slot for the diplomatic relationship will limit you very much. Aim for more than 30 days once you got the second station. The other achievement is “Shipment Assistant” and is given by doing the shipments of your diplomatic partner what the following chapter explains.

Cancelling Diplomatic Relationships

A.k.a. Trump style. If you want to cancel a diplomatic relationship you can do this every time by accessing your Diplomacy Station. When your partner still has ships in your system and you cancel it his ships will return **without any hydrogen cost** to his system (at his Diplomacy Station). I will later show how to use it to save hydrogen while trading. Your partner will be informed with an Inbox message that you cancelled the relationship.



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