Guard Duty Guide and Walkthrough

Guard Duty is a comedy adventure about love, loss and the end of the world. Experience an unforgettable story spanning across two radically different time periods.

Guard Duty Guide and Walkthrough


  • Pick the rope and a dart.
  • Examine the hatch and use the rope with the broken window. Climb down.
  • Interact with Lil’ Birdy and go through the castle door.
  • Approach the guards.
  • Pick your left boot and walk southwards to the gate.
  • Head to the gate and talk with the guard.
  • Go to the market and find your right boot next to the fountain.
  • Give the assassin your last gold coin.
  • Examine the fountain to find another coin, use it to buy a froot from the Froot IV Salers.
  • Open your inventory and inspect the froot.
  • Go eastwards and travel to the field.
  • Fasten the net on the small bridge and re-enter the scene to catch the toad.
  • Use the toad to get your trousers from Girtrude, at the market.
  • Open your inventory and buy a Medus Root from the froot stall, use it with yourself.
  • Head back to the gate and talk with Barric.
  • Examine the Usual Place below the population sign and use the key to open the amnesty chest.
  • Travel to the field and dress yourself.
  • Enter the castle and pass the guards.

Act I – Royal Blood

  • Speak with Bertwick and pick the first option.
  • Find Hendrick at the market and speak with him.
  • Travel to the gate and try to leave.
  • Head to the Clerk in the castle and ask him about the DLC.
  • Enter the Drunken Monk at the market and talk to the mage. Choose:
    1. What brings you to Wrinklewood?
    2. A thousand follow?
    3. Talk to me…
    4. A thousand follow?
    5. Stopped who?
    6. So what did your apprentice do exactly?
  • Inspect the creepy book from your inventory.
  • Search in the box of lost property for your apartment key.
  • Enter your room in the castle and use the creepy book with the broken window.
  • Go to the castle library (to the right at the stairs).
  • Give the library card to the bookkeep and show her the creepy book afterwards.
  • Walk to the left and interact with the ladder twice.
  • Go through the study room door.
  • Start a conversation with the photographer and choose:
    1. King Barrington himself!
    2. In the Throne Room!
    3. Because they’ll cut off your head if you don’t!


  • Obtain the film strip and interact with the shelf.
  • Examine the camera, press the button and load the blank film.
  • Pull the lever and click on the switch.
  • Exit and hit the footswitch.
  • Use the exposed photo with the developing solution and with the fixer fluid.
  • Rinse the photo in the sink.
  • Open the window (shutter) on the right side of the screen and leave.
  • Enter the castle and give the fake ID card to the Clerk.
  • Show the DLC to the guard at the gate to leave the kingdom.

Act II – The Great Outdoors

  • Go to the right and travel to the Gap Tours catapult.
  • Head into the forest and proceed to the left. Speak with the fisher.
  • Walk southwards and jump above the stream. Go to the left twice and enter the cave.
  • Take the ladder and go all the way back to the map.
  • Travel to the wrinkleworm territory, interact with the rope and use the ladder to save the knight.
  • Enter the forest and try to reach the cave. Leave the forest again.
  • Visit both remaining places and return to the map.
  • Put the dart into the festering sore.
  • Go to the very top of the map:

  • Follow the red path and interact with the webs along your way.
  • Take the venom glands and save the knight in the north (screenshot).
  • After picking the ladder, leave the forest through the south (where you killed the monsters).
  • Enter the cave and give the ladder back. Take a cup of hot stew.
  • Travel to the frozen carriage at the center of the map.
  • Use the how stew to melt the ice around the supplies and take all of them.
  • Deliver the red paint to the woman who’s inside the cave.
  • Take the empty paint bucket and head to the catapult. Repair it with the spanner.
  • Take the compass from the dead adventurer and go northwards. Enter the snow fields.
  • Go up, left and right to find the mountains.
  • Take the packsack and continue walking to the right. Approach the mountain gate.
  • Give some cereals to the goat and head back to the frozen knight.
  • Open your inventory and use the goat with the frozen knight.
  • Slide the body to the cave entrance and place it on any pressure pad.
  • Put some cereals on any of the remaining pressure pads.
  • Stand on the last pad to open the gate. Enter the cave.
  • Approach the princess and try to untie her with the dagger.

Act III – Guardian Duty

  • Start the administration process and input any citizen ID.
  • Examine the access panel behind you and get rid of all screws.
  • Click on all switches and interact with the port afterwards.
  • Shoot a bullet to the left (outside) to outsmart the sentry.
  • Trigger another lockdown by walking to the right and interact with the sealed elevator door.
  • Walk to the left.
  • Speak with the shiny robot, you can exit the conversation whenever you want.
  • Interact with your communication device and call Rugratt. Ask her about the droid.
  • Talk with the shiny robot and tell it to turn around (Look out behind you!).
  • Call Rugratt and continue your conversation about the droid.
  • Speak with the droid again and ask it a few questions, go through all options.
  • Pick up the weapon and destroy the panel.
  • Use the elevator to reach the research labs.
  • Examine to secured door and go back to Block A.
  • Drag the dead droid to the elevator and cut off its arm.
  • Take the arm and open the door at the research labs.
  • After the fight, check the terminal, click on ReleaseCell.DX and logout.
  • Click on the exposed wires to get rid of the arm and take the green power cell.
  • Replace the red cell with the charged cell and assign the target to Tank1 with the terminal.
  • Climb on the belt system.
  • Interact with any valve several times.
  • After the call, approach the energy crystal.
  • Interact with the console twice.
  • Find four fluids in the MediGun station and go to the bridge.
  • Click on the Navigational H.U.D and speak with the AI. Proceed to the right.
  • Turn off the valve twice and place the capsules on the door.
  • Use the valve to turn up the heat. Approach the general.
  • Refill your inventory with capsules and interact with the MediTech station. Choose red and blue.
  • Interact with the station again to input the blank capsule.
  • After another interaction with the station choose both remaining capsules.
  • Head to the bridge and use the lift to reach the crystal.
  • Activate the teleporter with the terminal.
  • Go up, right and continue walking to the right until you reach a plate. Stand on it.
  • Give some cereals to the goat and place them on any pad.
  • Stand on another pad and change roles to activate the third one. Enter the cave.
  • Untie the princess.

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