Greedfall All Factions Basic Guide

Greedfall game guide focuses on all 6 Factions guide. These factions are Congregation of Merchant, Bridge Alliance, Thélème, Coin Guard, Nauts, and Natives. This guide will give you basic tips and tricks on all factions in Greedfall game. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

When you play the Greedfall, you will come across 6 factions throughout the game. And you will be a part of Congregation of Merchants but later on, in the game, you will be able to make your choices and choose whatever faction you want.

You should be friend with the factions you want and anytime you do their wishes or tasks correctly you will level up the reputation of the faction which will affect your story in good reasons. Remember is really difficult maintain all the factions with good reputation because for example, if faction A is annoyed with faction B that you have as friends and then you decide to do something that may not like to the faction A you can decrease your reputation to -1 or -3 depending how is the impact of your choices.

Greedfall Factions

Here is a little overview of all these factions:

Congregation of Merchant

  • You will start off the game being hired by these merchants.
  • They came to the city to seek the treasures of the city and get richer.
  • Try to do as much work you can for them as you might get discounts on their items in the shop later on.
  • They are always looking for ways to get richer and have come to the island seeking their treasure.

Bridge Alliance

  • The Bridge Alliance is a group of scholars who believe that knowledge is power and science can explain everything.
  • These scholars came to this island to make scientific discoveries. They don’t believe in religion or magic.
  • The Natives and the Thélème practice magic so the relationship between the Bridge Alliance and them isn’t good.
  • And it is questioned how they will react to the native, who are able to use magic.
  • The Bridge Alliance isn’t hostile towards you but if you side with the Natives or Thélème too much you relationship wit her the Alliance can deteriorate.


  • It is a religious sect whose core belief is based on magic.
  • They are a religious group who believe firmly in magic and their main goal is to convert Yecht Fradi to their side.
  • This religious group can teach you magic abilities which can help you a lot in battle.
  • They want to convert the Native factions to their side. Siding with them might lower your relationship with Siora.

Coin Guard

  • The Coin Guards is a group of hired assassins, bodyguards, and militia.
  • Most of the time they are hired out by the other factions to do their dirty work.
  • They are the assassins or bodyguards in the game.
  • Other factions hire these guards mostly to do their dirty work for them in return for money.
  • You can join them and become a mercenary yourself if you want to.
  • Kurt is a member of the coin guards and is an available companion.


  • They are a group of highly skilled navigators who are sought by many countries.
  • This faction is the least detailed out of all the six factions.
  • The Nauts are a group of highlyle skilled navigators.
  • Due to them being sought out by som many other countries besides The Old World, it is curious to see how much of a role they’ll have in the game.


  • They live in nature and possess magic abilities.
  • They want to peacefully live their lives and don’t want to mess with other factions.
  • They have their own language.
  • Whenever you meet them they won’t understand you if you don’t have Siora in your group a second a translator.

This is the ending of Greedfall Factions guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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