Greedfall All Choices Guide and Consequences

Greedfall game guide focuses on all choices guide and their consequences. These choices are New Selene, Hikmet, San Matheus, Red Woods, Magasvar, Tir Dob, Frasoneig. The guide will give you basic tips on all consequences when you choice each of them. While writing this instruction, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

GreedFall features an array of choices that have different consequences and rewards. This GreedFall Choices & Consequences Guide lists all of the different quests and interactions we’ve discovered that include a choice and a consequence, so you can better decide what outcome you wish to pursue.

GreedFall All Choices Guide and Their Consequences

1. New Selene Choices & Consequences

1.a. Arrest Or Free Charlatan

If you arrest the Charlatan

You return to the quest giver and inform him of the arrest. You earn 3 Bridge Reputation points and 150 gold.

If you free the Charlatan

You free the Charlatan and receive 80 gold for freeing him, with an additional 50 for completing the quest and +1 Bridge Reputation.

1.b. Arrest Or Free Heretics/Historians

If you proceed with the arrest

If you choose this option both of the Heretics will attack you and you have to kill them. When you return to Theleme you get +3 reputation and 50 coin.

Propose to speak with the Bridge Alliance Ambassador

You return to the Bridge Alliance officer and speak with him. He agrees to offer them refuge. You get 80 coins. When you return to Theleme you can either tell the truth or lie. If you tell the truth you lose 1 reputation with Theleme.

If you lie, you gain +1 reputation with Theleme.

Let them be on their way

If you let them escape, they flee the area. If you tell the truth to Theleme you get -1 Theleme Reputation, if you lie, you get +1 reputation.

1.c. Coin Guard Merchandise Choice

The merchant is very clearly a scum bag and you will have some options on how to deal with him.


Scumbag or not, he doesn’t want to be put in prison. If you have high enough charisma then this is the easy choice that doesn’t cost you anything.


You can also offer him a bribe if you have 1 Intuition. He will agree to your terms, you don’t have to pay him, and you gain one rep with the Coin Guard. You don’t gain any points with Kurt but he does seem happy about this choice.


One way or another you are getting those goods. Go behind the merchant stall and clear out the thugs that attack you. I think there are five total so be ready for a fight. The merchant will surrender when he gets beat down enough and agree to terms as opposed to dying.

1.c. An Aspiring Merchant Persuade/Insist

When speaking with the Minister you will get two choices regarding the merchant. You can persuade, if you have high enough persuasion, or insist, which sends you off to explore the mansion.


If you can do this successfully then do so, the results are the same and this saves you time.


You will have to go up to see your old teacher in the Governor’s mansion. He is on the third floor, which can be access from behind where the Governor sits. Ask him for your help and return to the minister to get the patent. It takes longer but you get the same result.

2. Hikmet Choices & Consequences

2.a. Intimidate, Charm Or Pay The Debt Collectors

This is during the quest for Vasco, Family Reunion. When you reach the Debt Collectors you have several choices

Pay now

If you pay, they free D’Arcy and leave.

Ask them if you can pay later

They agree to give you time to pay, although they will keep the hostage. Return to have the same conversation choices.

Intimidate Them (Charisma)

If you choose this and fail, it becomes the same as Attacking Them. If you succeed they release D’Arcy for free.

Attack Them

If you choose this option you fight the Debt Collectors.

2.b. Threaten, Reason, Warriors (A Peculiar Alliance)

Threaten The Warriors

If you threaten the warriors they will attack you and you must kill them.

Reason (Charisma)

If you charm them and you succeed, they flee the area and the merchant survives.

Tell them that some troops are approaching (Intuition)

They flee immediately and the merchant is fine.

2.c. Attack The Rebels Or Leave

Attack the Rebels

You wipe out the rebels. You get Bridge Alliance Reputation +3 when you return to the Captain. The rebels mentioned that a war was coming as well.


If you decide to leave them you also get Bridge Alliance Reputation +2 when you return. This may have lasting effects. Will update as we progress.

3. San Matheus Choices & Consequences

3.a. Renounce Your Faith Or Confirm Your Faith


This will get you +1 with the Theleme and keep you out of any trouble.

Renounce Your Faith In His Gods

This will result in a fight with the Inquisitor and when you beat him down he will leave. He also says that he will not forget this encounter. -1 rep with Theleme.

Confirm Your Faith

If you pick this then you will need to choose the most Holy Man in their book or whatever. The right choice is Matheus, any other option results in a fight. The next choice is the magic of light, any other option results in a fight. If you pick both correctly you will get +1 Theleme rep.

3.b. Promise, Convince or Intuition (Ghost Camp, Reiner)

Before this point, you should save Wilheim from the other recruits, it allows you to get the “good” ending of this situation without skill requirements.

Promise them clemency if they surrender

This eventually resolves in the same way as the attack action.

Convince them by mentioning Reiner (Charisma)

This is a high Charisma requirement. If you fail they will attack you instantly. You lose 2 Reputation with Coin Guard, Wilhem is killed (if you haven’t saved him already) and you lose 1 reputation with Kurt.

Make them understand the situation (Intuition)

My Intuition was not high enough to make this choice

Mention Saving Wilhem

You must have already saved Wilhem before the fight for this choice to be available. If you choose this option you can arrest the captain without any recruit bloodshed.


You attack the recruits and lose 2 Reputation with the Coin Guard.

You get +3 Reputation with Kurt for completing the quest regardless.

3.c. Convincing Cardinal Cornelia (Saint Matheus Discovery)

When you are trying to convince Cornelia to expose the secrets of Saint Matheus.

Show her the positive aspects of your discovery

This is the only method I found to reveal the information. You need to successfully use Charisma on her, then talk about the attacks by the Ordo Luminus then finally, mention the revelations of Saint Lucius. She will decide to reveal the information publicly. You get +3 Reputation

Suggest that she visit the cave herself

She understands your perspective and pledges to visit the cave. She decides to silence the information. You get +2 Reputation

Be angered about her suspicion

She seems angry at your response. She decides to silence the discovery. You get +2 Reputation

4. Red Woods Choices & Consequences

4.a. The Battle Of Red Spears Choices

The first choice you come across is which path to take, left or right.

Right Path

The right path takes longer but you do not run into any resistance. I sprinted and ignored all loot and still ended up at the battle too late to save the mother. You lose one rep with Siora for this and have to talk with the sister. There are a few choices here, Charisma or Intuition are your best bets if you can do those. If not you have two choices, Insist on recent defeat, or speak of congregation neutrality.

Defeat – This seems like the bad guy choice, you have to fight Siora’s sister and lose rep with the natives – 1. You don’t kill Siora’s sister, but she is super pissed at you.

Congregation – She will say you couldn’t stop this, and you have to pick another choice.

Left Path

you will have to fight some beasts before getting to the battlefield. When you get there, the battle is still going on and you have to help Siora’s sister. Regardless of the path you choose, her mother will die. You won’t lose rep with Siora for going this way though. The choices are the same as above, choose the one that works best for you. Coming to help her in battle does lower the number required for Intuition and Chaisma though, so this path seems like the better route.

When you go to find Siora’s mother you will have a second choice.

5. Magasvar Choices & Consequences

5.a. Spare Them Or Finish Them

This is after you escort all of the survivors from the scientific expedition.

Spare Them

If you Spare Them they survive and you get +1 Native Reputation.

Finish Them

You kill them all and lose 1 rep with the Natives.

6. Tir Dob Choices & Consequences

6.a. Order Him, Reveal, Accept Bribe (Expedition Murders)

This choice will have lasting consequences as there’s a follow up quest but your ally depends on the choice you make.

Order him to leave the Expedition

You tell him to leave. Eugenia says she will get him arrested later. You get 50 gold and +1 Reputation with Theleme.

Reveal what happened to everyone

When you choose this you get -1 Reputation with Petrus and +2 Reputation with Theleme. When you tell Sister Eugenia a fight breaks out and Brother Virgil escapes. You have to kill those that oppose you. You get 50 Gold coins and another further -1 Reputation with Theleme.

Accept the gold and take his side (100 coins)

You take the gold and convince Eugenia to leave. You get +3 Theleme reputation.

6.b. Reveal The Truth Or Hide It (Saint Matheus Discovery)

This is a big one. Do you potentially tell people the entire foundation of their faith is a lie or do you keep it to yourself?

Decide to reveal the truth and give her the relics

You get +1 Reputation with Theleme. As you leave you are attacked by Brother Virgil and other members of the Inquisition. After you defeat them head to the city and speak with Cardinal Cornelia. You get +3 Theleme Reputation. This is a complex set of choices. Scroll up to Convincing Cardinal Cornelia (Saint Matheus Discovery) for more details.

Decide to hide the truth and keep the relics

If you choose to lie you deliver the relics to Brother Virgil in Eden. He tells you to return and destroy the cave. When you return to the cave Sister Eugenia finds you and you have to kill her. Then you lie to the Cardinal and that’s it.

7. Frasoneigad Choices & Consequences

7.a. Betray Peddir Or Lie And Suggest Him As Apprentice


This will give you +1 rep with the Natives and the woman will be happy with you.


You will still get your +1 rep from the Natives, but the blind man is still roaming around out there.

7.b. Tierna Harh Ritual Choice

When you find the door to the Tierna Harh area, you are taken back to a Native and you get a few choices.

Explain The Escape Of Tierna Harh

He will say if she left, he cannot help. You only have one choice and it is Charisma.

Invent A Story

Your lie goes no where and you lose 1 rep with Siora.


If you fail this, then you just have to leave and go find the lost seal. If you succeed with the check, then you can go into the house and get the item you need to open the door.

7.c. Kill The Bridge Alliance Spy Or Spare The Bridge Alliance Spy

Kill Him

You kill the Spy, he has a few gold pieces on him. After, you tell Mev that you killed the Spy, it seems to earn you favor with her. You get +1 Native Reputation.

Spare Him

He will thank you and say you will never see each other again. He then leaves and you can progress with your mission.

7.d. Speaking With Mev

Leave Now

You will progress with the story.

Wait Before Leaving

This is so you can loot the boss if you forgot.

This is the ending of Greedfall all choices guide. Hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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