Genesis – Beginner’s Guide and Basics

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, We try to explain Genesis game guide for new players and beginners.. While writing this guide, We pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

Genesis is a controller exclusive next generation online-competitive MOBA. Utilizing Unreal 4 Engine, it boasts stunning graphics and smooth control. Players can experience the joy of Genesis in its PVP or PVE game modes. Genesis differentiates from classic MOBA games by opting for joystick control which is highly optimized and extremely intuitive.

The game has some unique designs, good music, nice art, interesting setting, fun character kits, fun gameplay mechanics, controller support, great community, active devs that listen to feedback from the community and many features, but still has a lot of things to fix.

Genesis – Beginner’s Guide

After a brief review of the game, in this guide,  there is a brief guide for new players and beginners.


People should go 1 top, 1 mid, 2 bot, 1 jungle, like in Classic MOBAs. There can be two Archers, one can go top, the other to bot. Having a support is important. The jungler can be either a tank or a warrior. Pretty much works like the other MOBA games, but with one little change. The junglers can’t jungle on level 1. They need to either go for the Progression path or to stay on a lane(preferably top), until they reach level 2, at least.


There are Physical, Energy, Endurance, Progression and Gold paths.


The Physical path gives 15 attack damage, increases health by 150 and attack speed by 10%. For Tanks, Archers and Warriors.


The Energy path gives 40 energy damage and gives 35% energy penetration, meaning that you will ignore 35% of the target’s energy resistance. For Tanks, Mages and Supports.


The Endurance path restores you 5 health and 2 energy every second and doubles the effect when not in combat. Mostly used by Tanks.


The Progression path instantly gives you level 4 and you receive 1 exp every second. Used by pretty much every class.


The Gold path gives you 500 gold instantly and every minute increases your gold income by 0.1, up to 3! Same as the Progression path, used by every class.


The river has buffs spawning from time to time, starting at the start of a match. Sometimes getting them is really important and can change everything!

Map Awareness

Don’t forget to often look at the map! For your lane to be secure, place a couple of observers(wards), there are places in which you can put an observer – when you come near one a ball circled shape comes up, placing an observer there will give you lots of vision!


There are two bosses on the map, killing which gives you a powerful item and gold to the player who last hit it! Closer to the late game mark, very powerful bosses will spawn, giving really powerful items!

Holy Citadel


Do the extra mission on your left for your FEAT score – collect alien signals!

Hard and Nightmare

Do the extra mission to get the FEAT score and prepare to defend. There will be extra missions, which will get you Gold and Items. Be sure to complete them! Other than that, the enemies pretty much stay the same!

Dark Clone


Try to dodge his skills. He does two AOE attacks, a little one and a big one, and ults.

Hard and Nightmare

Pretty much the same mechanics, dodge everything and make your tank tank it.

First Defender


Do the extra mission for your FEAT score – kill the monsters at the top and go defend the base afterwards!

Hard and Nightmare

Do the extra mission to get FEAT score and prepare to defend. Now, the enemies won’t be coming from one side – they will be coming from the bot line too. Be careful! There will be a boss on the mid stage that will stun players, make your tank tank it and the last boss on the last stage especially!

Final Hour


One AOE attack, after which she uses a line attack. Her ult is AOE too, if you will get in it’s area, you won’t be able to leave.

Hard and Nightmare

The same abilities, but now her jump has a flame line that does LOTS of damage. Be sure to dodge her skills!



Does a conal attack, two AOEs, he will follow the tank with one – try not to get into it’s area, he doesn’t move when he does the other AOE, so look if he walks or not. Be really careful of his ULT! When you see little red areas – it means that monuments will fall off – be sure to hide behind one and remember where the Boss was, it’s really important!

Hard and Nightmare

He will have an extra attack, that 99% will kill a player. For this mission having tank is a must, because it can ONLY be interrupted by a CC.

This is the ending of Genesis – Beginner’s Guide and Basics guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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