Generation Zero – How to Kill Robots (AI)

Welcome, visitors. In this guide, we try to explain How to Kill Robots or AI and machines in Generation Zero game. The guide will give basic tips, tricks, and strategic advice on how to kill all ai robots and machines guide. While writing this guide, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. We hope that this guide will help you.

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The local population has gone missing, and machines of unknown origin roam the streets in 1980’s Sweden. What expected from you is exploring this vast open world to unravel the mystery of the invaders, perfect your fighting strategies and preparing to strike back. In Generation Zero, living is winning.

This game is somewhat special, the 1980s style and the post-apocalyptic with robots just changes the atmosphere. But one noticeable thing is that the game was made by a kind of small dev-studio. So that can be positively and negatively for game and gamers.

However the atmosphere is amazing, AI is awesome, but Robots can be buggy at times, Graphics are amazing, Environment although large is different and quite unique even for simple forest land.

There is also a guide on locations of all collactibles. To see this guide, Click Here.

Generation Zero – How to Kill Robots (AI)


By now you’ve likely come across a town, seemingly abandoned at first, though you see a light out of the corner of your eye, so you duck. Coming out from behind a building, you see a small flying robot, pausing, then proceeding to fly in a line, like it’s looking for something. Well that something is you. These robots have four megaphones on their top which allows them to alert what is essentially The entire area to you. Fortunately, these megaphones can be shot, and are quite weak. Aslong as you shoot that first, they become worthless, and disposable with a few shots to the disc-shaped body.


You’ve found an old, abandoned looking military bunker and start wandering on through its corridors after finding a way to be let in. You kept hearing a soft chittering sound each time you started walking, keeping you on edge every step of the way. You turn a corner, and find four little red dots, staring you down from the other end. A few seconds later they begin in a dead sprint after you…

Birdshot. Birdshot obliterates these things. There’s a tiny fuel tank on their backs, but I haven’t ever bothered shooting at it. They’re too tiny and weak. An SMG is also a pretty good alternative to buckshot. Or if you’re up for the bit of a challenge, you can try sniping at them from a distance with a hunting rifle or other sniper rifle. Puts them down in one shot.


As you walking away from the shore, you come across a house. You loot it, find some stuff, and as your about to move on, you probably find a couple of robotic looking dogs hoarding a police car. Fortunately, Robotic dogs have a big old fuel tank on their backs that can be shot. This applies for all of them, though the military versions have a plate in front of it, though it can be shot off. If you find yourself fighting them, get distance and cover.

They can pounce you, which stuns you and deals a pretty solid amount of damage. Some of them have grenade launchers, so be strict about what cover you choose, as a tree may not be sufficient. You’ll know they have either a kind of slow firing rifle or a grenade launcher if they have a laser.


You’ve managed to cross a bridge with a mean looking green hunter on it, and ran to a church. After sneaking passed, then proceeding to remove most of it’s robotic inhabitants, you see a metal glint in the distance through a window. You take out your binoculars and stare at it. A behemoth of a machine, a quarter the size of a barn, is slowly making its way twords you, escorted by its high-quality guard-dog robots. All of them have little metal boxes on their knees which are destructible, and explode a bit when shot. There’s also a large box on their backs(all kinds.) Which also detonate when shot enough.


You’ve cleared that city, and are now heading off to a nearby farmstead you heard of. You hear some mechanical whirring an footsteps, so you figure its another robotic dog and duck behind some logs. Instead, towering over you from across the pathway is a bipedal robot, with a box looking torso, staring directly at you. You can hear some more whirring to other side of you… I honestly haven’t found a good weak point on the hunters. I have found a fuel tank on their backs, but its not on the military version, and it doesn’t take any damage. I’ve pumped entire assault rifle magazines into the thing with no effect, so its honestly better to me to just blast as many rounds as you can into them. And trust me, they’ll tank alot more than its worth, so if you can, the best tactic here is just to avoid them.


You’ve cleared your first area entirely, leaving the once orangeish border around the area you were once in behind. You manage to come across a small bunker, completely unoccupied with a plane in it, right on the side of the road. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have any jet fuel. Even then you’d probably get shot out of the sky as your boat got shot out of the sea. You stop for a moment as the ground shakes. You’d originally guess it’s a small earthquake but your proved wrong as you hear a loud thump outside, shaking the entire bunker yet again. You gather your courage and look outside, hoping to find just another scavenger. Nope. Its a gigantic robot, but this one is bipedal, and has a massive gun, and what looks like a device with a bunch of holes in a pod between it’s legs. You immediately duck back into your bunker, terrified.

The best tactic I’ve developed for these things is to dodge and weave around a nearby building, blasting it in the fuel tank on it’s back until it eventually explodes. Buckshot did me best here but I dont think it’s gonna matter much in the long run, seeing as to how much lead these things take to anything. They don’t drop much other, usually just some “High Explosive Dual Purpose.”. Like hunters, its best just to leave these ones alone.

Some miscellaneous tips to help you through your journey.

Here’s just some advice I can gather up in my all of 3 days of experience in hiding like a terrified cat from a drone.

Everything with an interior potentially has something in it. Everything.

Flares work well, giving the robots something else to shoot at. Note at the moment fireworks seem to make the robots More accurate. At-least for me.

Robots hate buildings. They also hate human-sized doors. Can’t really blame em ither. They don’t have thumbs.

Silencers don’t work if you don’t kill the robot fast enough, or aren’t far away enough. They do however seem to work if you miss.

Clothes affect your stats. It may not seem like it but the very light blue jacket you’ve aquired may actually make you a bit stealthier. At least to a robot.

Ammo isn’t automatically sorted, so leave an inventory space open for any new lead you pick up.

You can perform a magic trick by interacting with broken gates on the ground. Same thing with doors. At least until the devs fix that.

Always carry multiple adrenaline shots. Always.

Most robots are faster than you, but can’t climb. Jump over stuff and weave around trees and other objects if you want to run off.

Robots seem to have a chance to revive after going down. Be careful if you end up in an extended fight or alerting a tracker not too far from your previous position, or you may end up fighting zombie robots. Additional note, Red robots seem to come back faster than prototype robots. At least in the airfield.

Dogs are small and really stealthy. Be sure to be ready for there being more dogs than you can see before you fight one.

You know you’re hitting something good when you see some blue sparks.

This is the ending of Generation Zero – How to Kill Robots (AI) guide. I hope it will help you. If there is wrong or you have suggestions, please let’s know and comment us. Have fun.

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Written by Furycoat

2 thoughts on “Generation Zero – How to Kill Robots (AI)

  1. Sam Reply

    great guide, thank you.
    I have killed the Hunter robot using the following method:
    1) Shoot the tank on their back
    2) shoot the front air vents left and right facing towards you
    this will bering the hunter down quickly
    enjoy the game

  2. Srizz Reply

    Yeah I just hit the vents over and over few shots with buckshot right in the square chest also works

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