Generation Zero – Dala Horse Locations

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This guide based on the Location of Dala Horse.

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Dala Horse Locations

Dala horses (also known as Dalecarlian horses) were originally carved in houses in the Swedish province of Dalecarlia. This traditional style has become the most widespread in modern times, and has even come to symbolize Sweden in general.

Classic Dala Horse A bright red Dala horse 3314.2, 2401.8


Black Dala Horse A black Dala horse. 140.0, 2775.8

Blue Dala Horse A blue Dala horse. -836.2, 2028.2

Green Dala Horse A green Dala horse. -3306.8, 3842.3

Orange Dala Horse An orange Dala horse. -810.2, 263.0

Pink Dala Horse A pink Dala horse. -258.7, 1510.0

Purple Dala Horse A purple Dala horse. 608.6, 115.9

Red Dala Horse A red Dala horse. 2365.7, -1989.5

Dead Dala Horse A dead Dala horse. -4239.1, -822.0

Sverige Dala Horse A Dala horse proudly sporting the national colors of Sweden. -2921.9, -2048.8

Tan Dala Horse A tan Dala horse. -938.1, -4466.0

Emblem Dala Horse A Dala horse reminiscent of the national emblem of Sweden. -1852.1, -4325.5

White Dala Horse A white Dala horse. 2533.9, -3337.1

Yellow Dala Horse A yellow Dala horse. 1581.6, -4195.8

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